This still is “the day that is”, not over yet, folks!

2 p.m. on the 6th:

The health issue

I expected it to go wrong and it did. Basically, there are two heart drugs keeping me alive and they’ve taken me off one of them. Now they want to take me off the other, despite the signs and symptoms. This is to save the NHS valuable pounds.

I was assured over the phone, three times I was assured, that this particular medicine would continue until the review discussion with the doctor on Friday. Guess what? Some toerag went in during these past five days and took that one particular medicine off my list, so it wasn’t there in the pack today.

However, I still have my Friday appointment and I’ll just have to stay calm and not let rip. The English NHS does not appreciate righteous indignation, it misinterprets it.

Oh, I also did my back in but let’s not complicate this thing anymore – I have the walking stick and a comfy bed.

The site

Essentially what happened is that something had been corrupted inside and it took down the site. I suspect I know what it is and I didn’t want it anyway. However, it might just be the revision control – I’m not even going to start to explain why that is necessary, mine hosts know though.

It’s a little bit like my heart – they want to keep taking away one drug at a time until I have another heart attack and then they’ll know and can sign off on it. In a similar way, I have to test out each of ten things we think it might be – one of those will take the site down again but it’s Russian roulette.

When it does go down – it must, otherwise I’ve not found the issue – then I am shut out and hopefully you are too. But as I found this morning with DR, Sackers etc., it was not keeping you out, only me. That was something up with which … etc.

So the site is not to be up again as a going concern until I’ve found the miscreant item. Now, this could be in the next two minutes or it might be around midnight, in which case mine host cannot repair it till tomorrow, plus he works, plus he has a family to look after. Plus my health is up and down.

Therefore, the only sensible thing to do is to blog here for a few days, say until Friday evening after the doctor’s.

Now, you might not like to comment here and that’s your prerogative but I’ll be blogging here, OK? And at OoL and tweeting too. Midterms we’ll know late tomorrow.

The shopping

This is a feelgood story.  I was roaming about the supermarket and couldn’t find the chicken kievs so asked one lady who turned out to be the store manager herself.   She found the item quickly.

Must not let an opportunity go to waste, so I asked if I could give her an instant assessment of the store. She said yes.  I moaned about the prices on certain items, saying they are driving people away now in this town, nothing she didn’t know, plus a third of the trolleys are broken.  Also no reaction.

Then I got onto the reason we do come back – the ladies on the tills, the checkouts and so I started to wax lyrical about them, particularly the one called Carole.  Then it was time for the checkout and guess who was there?  I told her and she was quite embarrassed – I do get embarrassing at times.

Well, all the time but let’s move on.

Anyway, methinks it’s not been a bad result, I’m doing my three days’ cooking now and then a coffee, half an hour’s rest writing to people, I’ve three posts in the pipeline to schedule and then I can start on N.O.   The pizza was nice too for lunch.

So, now you know all, not that you wished to know even a fraction of all this but there you go, all part of the service.

Posts will resume here perhaps around 17:00, maybe a bit later.  You have a lovely Tuesday.


9 responses to “This still is “the day that is”, not over yet, folks!

  1. Re Dearieme’s link, what would the automated voice on the elevator say? “Going up. First floor, air-to-air missiles… Second floor, ladies’ loo, Cruise missiles, lingerie, cafe…” etc.

  2. I hope all goes well. As for your supermarket story, I think we do tend to return partly because of the staff. A genuine smile makes a difference.

  3. Live long and well – and don’t let the buggers forget that you’ve already paid for it!

  4. Cheers for that, feel we’re on a roll somehow.

  5. All the best!
    Have you thought of taking things easy for a bit? No? Thought so.


  6. I think we may have found the culprit and are in conference at the moment. Definitely won’t be ready before midday tomorrow.