The etymology of ornithology

Birds are birds.

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  1. List of Jeffrey Epstein’s (convicted pedophile) scientists/academics who promote the pandemic theory
    Howard Gardner: (broken link) (active link)
    George Church:
    Ben Goertzel: (broken link) (active link)
    Lawrence Krauss: (broken link) (active link)
    Roger Schank:
    Jaron Lanier:
    Lisa Randall:
    Eric Lander:
    Joscha Bach:
    Noam Chomsky:
    Charles Lieber:
    Steven Pinker:
    Martin Nowak:
    Danny Hillis:
    David Gergen:
    Nathan Myhrvold:
    Robert L Trivers:
    Nicholas Negroponte:
    Alan Dershowitz:
    And also
    Les Wexner:

    This list is expected to expand.

    More on this here:

    Scientists who have no links whatsoever with Jeffrey Epstein, say this:

    Silver bullet 76
    Online petitions have been launched in several countries to end curfews and other encroachments on basic rights. At the same time, critical video contributions, even by doctors, are increasingly being deleted. In Berlin, a registered event on fundamental rights, at which the German constitution was distributed, was terminated by the police. ch/
    AS PDF mic-false/

    Dr John Ioannidis: Much of the published research does not reach good scientific standards
    Prof Wittkowski: ‘it’s a struggle to get heard’.
    Kohnlein ‘I have seen Italian doctors online, where I have compelling suspicions something isn’t right with what they say.’ ioning-the-coronavirus-panic/?fbclid=IwAR3Qn2lpyvVKCEF_C7mZ9aFRvVNLmZQ Z0NpDPBZ-WqSaRyE41HLA-FTn1LE


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