Know your Maxwells

1. What was the patriarch’s real name?
2. Who are/were the three daughters C, I and G?
3. How many [official] children altogether?
4. Which religion did Elizabeth say the children were?
5. Which child co-founded Magellan?
6. What is notorious about Pergamon, the place?
7. Which Maxwell had something in common with N. Wood?

5 thoughts on “Know your Maxwells

  1. Don’t worry that I have not gotten ENOUGH to eat but worry I may have possibly gotten too much! Celebrating the 4th AND daughter’s birthday! Great Day. Also…my parent’s anniversary was the 4th…..84 years ago! They are no longer here on planet Earth as that would be Biblical years!

    They eloped on the 4th of July and subsequently produced six children and many grandchildren . 54 years of marriage and sweethearts who loved to fuss and make-up…and who laughed a lot. Sometimes instead of crying or yelling your head off the silly giggles is the best remedy.

    They were good parents, not perfect but very good ones. Had they been perfect what misery that would have been for me. What would I have groused about then? Kids do love having a reason to grouse!

    Hmmmmm, how can I tie my comments to the post? I am so thankful my daddy was not that daddy in N1. My parents were actually spectacular parents as I am the result!
    I have been to Pergamaon, the place. I have now read the question carefully and see I have no idea what Maxwell has to do with Pergamon!!!! [I believe I met a carpet salesman there with that name.]

  2. 6. The seat of who shall not be named….starts with s and ends with n.

  3. DR:

    4. Interestingly – Anglican!
    6. Yes and other arcane things
    7. Robert – he and Natalie both went overboard.

    Supplementary question – to what does Chiliad refer and once you answer the number part, why was that number significant to GHW Bush?

    And yes you may but first we must become flies.


    Grisly Ghis can pilot subs



    Are you enjoying your July 4th? Are you getting enough to eat? I worry.

    Toodles again:

    Well at least we’ve got the family straight now.

    • 1000 & points of light he mentioned a few times in various speeches.

      Grisly Ghis can pilot subs – just as well they found daddy’s body ain’t it or could spark off another CT 🙂

  4. 1-6
    Jan Ludvik Hoch
    Christine, Isabel and Ghislaine
    Given her own upbringing I’d guess Catholic.
    It’s big altar?

    Can I listen in on her interrogation please?

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