To all readers of nourishing obscurity

This has to be one of lowest key launches ever.  There’s been a lot of work put into the old and new site from some key people and there are sensitivities, but we had to do something.

N.O. now blogs from :

As the blurb says over there, it’s the shell of the old – now with ‘added vitriol, calumny and vituperation, more laurels to rest on, and 17% more thoroughly tilted windmills’ – who writes this stuff?  Thanks to the Cambridge division of N.O. inc. for nouk.

Game plan is OoL will have a review with staff and readers to see how it can best operate, nouk [the new site] is N.O. inc’s main engine, nowp [this site] drops back to being a feeder, and ONO [blogspot] is the archive.

If you’re so inclined, do pootle on over and have a look around.  Now I’m going to come clean here – I  promised Toodles first comment status at nouk, as FoS was last at the old site and DR was the last at nouk [unbeknowns to him], so all that will sort itself out.

This post is at 16:00 to coincide with the launch there, Sunday jazz will be at 18:00 at nouk, not here.  Format will be two youtubes in the sidebar on a theme, with attached blurb as a post. It really is a very good video widget.

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  1. Wish me luck as you wave me “goodbye”…. as they sing 😀

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