7. Saturday

6. Evidence starting to more than leak out now

5. It’s a thought

4. So nice to see this stated

There is never a middle way for ideologues. You either conform or you are not counted as qualified to enter their Utopia. You are an excrescence. Democracy is the only system that accommodates disagreement, nuance, shade, compromise and cooperation. These are authoritarians.

3. Hope they either wake up or collapse

2. Saw this on Twitter

Channel Cod, the UK share of that quota is nine percent. The French is 84 percent. Celtic Sea haddock where the UK share is 10 percent and the French share is 66 percent.

Why?  Who signed it away in the first place?

1. Two for the price of one

[H/T Chuckles and haiku as applicable]

3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I think that I left a comment here earlier, maybe forgot to click on post comment.

    Thanks for the tantalising image James. I haven’t taken advantage yet, strange how the desire wanes as soon as something becomes available. Maybe I’m concerned that the comfort a pub offers will me marred by petty rules and restrictions.

  2. Just came in this morning and saw this page marred by ads in sidebar, below but what was worse was within the text, breaking up the post – awful.

    While I suggest you use ad blocker, I can’t because I need to know what graffiti they’re laying on the site and where.

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