Why are the left so certain?

This, via Chuckles, really needs discussing:


Thing is – they say we’re fanatically certain too and I certainly am.  I believe the things spoken in the Sermon on the Mount are the only way society can function properly, that a disconnection with our Maker and roots, our history, our heritage, is a one way trip to oblivion, that chivalry en masse can produce ladies, that allowing alien species into our land who have zero intention of assimilating but maximum intention of causing destruction and taking over – that is no different to any SF film or novel or Doctor Who early episode.

So the issue then becomes – who’s right?  The person saying what I just did or the person suffused in Narrative who says it all must come down, total destruction, and then comes Utopia, Nirvana.

Which still does not answer the question – why are they so certain?

They have a certain intellect, a dangerous thing in small quantities, and whatever the global socialist horror is that is being imposed – be it unitoilets, trannyism, whatever – it’s ALWAYS presented in terms of goodness and tolerance and thus highly appeals to the young female SJW who asks us the question – don’t we care about their lives?

Within their borders – yes, I’d like to see them live well but charity begins at home and we have enough on our plate right now.  For example, get the returned service personnel off the streets first, take care of the Rotherham girls – we have enough to be going on with here before looking at what’s happening in their countries.

And as for inviting in their problems, psychotic behaviour and diseases – why on earth would we wish to do that?

However, W.M. Briggs has a different take, the consequences of the conclusions in this post.