Edenville dam collapse

Remember the three dams I ran youtubes of – Three Gorges, then the spillway of a US one collapsing and then the little bitty levee I was told was not a dam? [First in sidebar]

Here was the result of that seepage from the levee. [Second in sidebar]

And as happens with cascading failure, other dams overflowed too. [Third in sidebar]

I notice, in comments, someone pointing out again that it’s not a dam, it’s a levee. Yep, explain that to a Sanford resident [second youtube].

Searched for Sanford, Michigan and it was all about coming to Sanford, things to do and see – still today it is that.

There was one entry on Bing for the disaster:

Sanford residents pick up pieces after flood destroys …
https://www.freep.com/…/2020/05/29/michigan-flooding-sanford/5258083002  A hot dog truck rolled through destroyed Sanford. This is what they saw. Several communities were affected by the mid-Michigan flood. But the small town of Sanford was essentially wiped out.

Excellent – I went to that url and the article has clean disappeared, as if some people just did not want to know, nor wanted anyone else to know either.  Tried a number of ways – nope.  Somehow it’s Detroit and the EU connected … not even going to bother following that one any more.

This is Demrat country of course – they obviously love the Demrats in Michigan because they keep voting them right back in every time.

Here’s a report on the breaking levee/dam from comments:

“The 96-year-old Edenville Dam ruptured Tuesday after heavy rains, causing major flooding throughout portions of Midland County, forcing the evacuation of thousands.

“This order revokes the license for the 4.8-megawatt Edenville Project,” the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) wrote on Sept. 10, 2018.

We take this action because of Boyce Hydro Power, LLC’s longstanding failure to increase the project’s spillway capacity to safely pass flood flows, as well as its failure to comply with its license, the Commission’s regulations, and a June 15, 2017, Compliance Order.”

With its power permit revoked, the Edenville Dam’s regulation fell to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy. However, an EGLE inspection of the dam in October 2018 found it in “fair” condition, despite FERC’s alarming findings only about a month earlier.”


This dam was the the State of Michigan’s responsibility . The State failed to take action even though they knew about the dangerous condition of the dam. Governor Whitmer owns this one. Guess she was too busy pulling barbers licenses to be bothered with this whole dam issue.