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Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

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As also written in a tweet just now [BBC screenshot ten minutes ago]:

If “the Science” were actually settled, then docs worldwide would not be saying as Doc Graham does below. Boris has been ordered by his masters, the High St may well be dying.

Essentially, whatever the purpose of masks was meant to be, it does not stop it getting to you through the fabric and if it’s plastic, that brings its own problems for you, personally, should it be on for any length of time, in retaining whatever it is inside.

Will people shop online henceforth?  I’m not so sure.  We’ve a local shop nearby but the quality of food is British, meaning they only stock rubbish prepackaged meals – for real food, it still requires a visit to somewhere else.  For all my bravado online, I might visit the supermart [with some covering] once a week [doing that now] and my visits are usually about 20 minutes long.

Plus, to be honest about this – whenever I actually circular or handsaw wood, it needs a mask, I do have them here.  That’s the reality.

The politics

Alternatively as a sub-heading, “the lunacy”:

We’ve already been through it ad nauseam, we know why Johnson dithered, Gove actually backtracked, then someone got to Johnson and the July 24th resulted.  I suspect it was not just him being hoodwinked by the [non] Experts, it was not just political pressure from the globalists, it was more that he was told by the Cabinet Secretary and others that he was dithering and losing the PP.

That would move him more than any other reason.  Johnson is a self-centred man, he has the Jim Hacker instinct for survival.

And we pay for that.

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  1. Further:

    A wise man just wrote, on the above:

    They keep doing this, making statements as though they are read from stone tablets brought down from the mountain, when they are are trite statements which are true of any virus, anywhere. This is not news, nor is there anything we could do about it if it were not the case. Spending ones days attempting to avoid invisible and probably non-existent viruses, or the mere possibility of them being in the vicinity is not healthy or productive behaviour.

    Ditto all the handwashing and don’t stand so close to me, stop touching your face, breathe through your nose, cover your mouth when you’re coughing or sneezing etc. etc. … it’s all vague nanny type advice applicable to all viruses and germs everywhere. Not something that one shrieks about every 30 seconds and forces people to do with threats of prison and censure.

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