This is the feed version of N.O.

Longer explanation below the Read More line but in short, nourishing obscurity currently and mainly blogs at:

This one you’ve come to now feeds social media with articles from the main site.

How did this come about?

1. Main site:


… was begun in June, 2020 as a continuation of the fourth site below. All daily blogging is done at N1.

2. Feed site:

… is the one a WordPress blogger needs for the archive of all things. Other sites are linked within, the Akismet API, various other things are also inside here. I’m also using the site to feed social media with some articles, not all, from the main site.

3. Original Nourishing Obscurity

… is the site I began in 2006, my first blog, running until 2009 and sporadically since then. It’s the other archive for N.O., particularly for all the early posts.

4. The previous main site

… is the one most readers know and some fellow bloggers have linked to in their sidebars. This might be an issue for readers – clicking on N4, pointed to this site here, only to be pointed to N1.

Essentially, I lost access to N4 in July, 2020, due to technical reasons and though it’s still visible to most readers and administered by its former host, I myself cannot access it. I see this in a benign way, that it’s in good hands.

5. Orphans of Liberty

… is a separate issue to Nos 1 to 4 above. It was started in 2011 as a multi-author libertarian site until a schism lost half the readership and it turned far more alt-right libertarian. It’s largely a hands-off site for me, OoL, though I do post over there.

Julia and I are the admins there, Mike and Churchmouse also blog from there at times. The readership crosses over but many there are not N.O. readers, different group of people.

If it all sounds too complicated, maybe so, but that’s the way things have gone over the course of my blogging.

– James Higham, 19.07.20

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