This is the admin site for James Higham

These are the main sites associated with James Higham as of 05.01.21:

1. Main site for N.O. is currently:

2. The site which has just gone down and I’d advise it might not be wise to go there:

3. This site here, an admin and feed site:

4. The longtime site before NOUK and it still supports links:

5. Orphans of Liberty has now gone down:

6. This is the new OoL:


7. Blogrolls are still operational:

– James Higham, 19.07.20, updated 18.01.21

1 thought on “This is the admin site for James Higham

  1. Thanks for that explanation.
    You seem remarkably restrained. It must have all been a pain.

    James replies:

    Essential thing, Doonhamer, is that WP is the pain in the backside – they’re making it impossible to blog with this block thing. They know it and still do it. Hence I had to reply within your comment, otherwise I’d now have to alter universal settings to reply and that means wading through so much guff now.

    As for N.O. as a whole – the show must go on, hence:

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