Real versus hybrid seeds

A short section was posted in another post on Saturday about ‘real’ seeds and for the uninitiated, they might just think it was about planting a crop such as squash in good time. It took Andy and Chuckles to point out that the operative word here was ‘real’.

This was a huge issue some years back, as mentioned in this post:

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that the guidelines are “to stop consumers overdosing on vitamin and mineral food supplements.”


As if there wasn’t already enough information about the questionable Swine Flu Pandemic — and the potentially lethal Swine Flu Vaccine being produced with mass impunity by some of the larger Pharmaceutical companies that will be used on the world populations with possibly devastating consequences — the reported secrecy surrounding minutes of a key World Health Organization (WHO) meeting of an advisory vaccine group that was packed with executives from Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi recommending compulsory vaccinations in the U.S., Europe and other countries raises a multitude of red flags while offering more evidence that the lawsuit filed against the WHO, other world organizations and governments and the actions leading up to this ‘Swine Flu pandemic’ should be examined more closely.

But still the longterm issue worldwide has not been zeroed in on, which was in the original post a decade ago – that hybrids which become sterile or warped on the next or second generation are of zero value to the third world and yet they’ve been foisted onto the third world.

The major companies supply such seeds in those nations but in order for self sufficiency or sustainability of crops, those nations must ‘rebuy’ seeds from the company each time.

Reader Ivan pointed out that hybrids have been produced since time immemorial, just as with grafted seedlings but that’s not precisely the point here – those are under the control of the gardener doing it, and for his/her use or that of family and friends.

What we’re talking about is something a bit different – the control of an entire nations’ productivity, let alone what is bundled in with the GM.

The Wail led the online version yesterday with a headline about over 10k conspiracy theorists in Trafalgar Square, as if that were a negative.  This was a mere example of the command and control politics now.

At ground level, what is the reality in the UK?  This is from the Real Seed company’s ‘Why’ page, you can read more at the link.

Hybrid (“F1”) seed is the result of a cross between two different , but heavily inbred parents. Seed you save from these plants will either be sterile or a give a whole mix of shapes and types, usually producing a poor crop.

Only the seed company knows what the parents are, thus only they can produce that particular variety. If you want to grow it, you have no other source – good for the seed companies but not for you! Small growers should be able to keep their own seeds, selecting each year the best plants most suitable for their own land and conditions.

Yes, there are a few exceptions, but in general, the hybrid seed business has been a public relations victory over the small grower. For example, you will soon see more and more hybrid leek seed offered to you. This is because the supermarkets have set incredibly rigid limits on leek size, and the only way to achieve this is through hybridising two inbred varieties, so all leek seed production is switching to hybrids.

You will be told that these new leeks are ‘more uniform’, ‘straighter’ and so on. But what about flavour and adaptability? People seem to forget that we want to eat & enjoy these things – food is not just a commodity!

Despite common urban myths, there is no magic about hybrids. So-called “hybrid vigour” is the simple fact that good hybrid seed is better than bad real seed, and that sadly much of the real seed you get now has been badly maintained. But good real seed – which admittedly requires time, care and patience to produce and maintain – must, by virtue of the genetics of these things, be just as good, and in fact much more adaptable to different soils.

The key here is that it takes less manpower to make the hybrid seed, so the wholesale seed growers are much happier to let the old varieties fade away.

And as for the cost of hybrid seed, this is another mystery. Hybrids are not made by hand. Yes, they were in the past, but not for many years now. Most hybrid pollination nowadays is done by chemical sprays, not hand pollination, so hybrid seed shouldn’t be any more expensive than other seed. There may be a slight extra cost associated with the spraying, but it certainly doesn’t justify the high prices and tiny packets some companies are offering.

Again, what is the issue if a company such as Monsanto wishes to push regulation at the WHO in order to corner a market and have huge seed barns in Scandinavia on an island?

The issue is that, just as with the Gates vaccine which even the Donald is pushing hard, and see the story of Gates in India on that score, they can put anything they damn well like into it and there is a farfetched film for the time which addresses just such an issue:

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

I’ve contended for a long time that the Bond films contain plotlines drawn from real life, for example the star wars base in Iceland and one by one, such things come out in articles much later.

It’s an interesting thing, the Daily Mail ploy to lead with ‘conspiracy theorists’ as its description of Trafalgar Square Saturday and also that they emphasised Icke’s presence on the podium.

You tell me which part of the post above is conspiracy theory? Unsubstantiated theory?

You tell me that and I’ll tell you just how close the two sides – left-liberal and centre-right – actually are on many issues, e.g. Codex Alimentarius – both are looking at the same thing. I don’t mean the Antifa BLM left here, I mean those who’ve been chasing up such corporate things since the 60s.

The dissidents, the refuseniks, those who simply don’t buy the guff the major players put forth and the real seed issue is but one small example of something far from ‘theory’ and is a daily reality for anyone growing crops on an allotment.

The question is, as 10,000 plus asked today, what can actually be done about this?

One last thing – why is the Donald pushing the Gates vaccine? Because Pence is PEPFAR and PEPFAR is Fauci and Birx, who are Global Task Force, who are the people responsible for Gates in India and now Covid [see Event 201 last October at Johns Hopkins].

Which really does shine the light, not on us but on those continuing to push the line that all this is just conspiracy theory.