Sackers and I have been discussing how best to commemorate the passing of Radders. Not just because he’s a Scriblerus [still is] but because many people looked in on him each day and well … it just doesn’t seem right that he’s not blogging any more.

Now, Sackers’s idea was good:

I’m floating an idea about celebrating Raedwald’s work with a drink and talk at the Westminster Arms which will be reopening 15th September. This would be a chance to meet and convey our sympathies to his brother but also maybe a chance to review the progress of the Withdrawal Agreement (or not) and our future post-Brexit – perhaps that MP who wanted contact details could come along? Maybe other Westminster contacts?

Possibly now tricky for the 15th and I wasn’t much use to the cause because for reasons I really can’t divulge on the blog, I can’t travel and need to keep the head down – part of that is health which is slightly worse than I’ve been saying.

Which is not to say that it’s not a good idea but it would need a coordinator, someone in touch with the Westminster Arms management, someone on a phone who can do and say the right things.

Sackers put a second idea:

Alternatively we could set up a memorial page and invite contributions including ones on topics that were R’s main concerns?

Now this is much more my field and I happen to have a few spare WPDC blogs hanging around.  We also have a Blogger Orphans in the wings doing nothing.

I’m happy to release any of those if it were useful, maybe we could run it at Blogger [make a new one] because one thing Blogger has which WP doesn’t is a widget to show current posts of subscribers on the roll.

These are just ideas at this stage – over to you and your thoughts.


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