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This post here is for known readers, in case something is preventing you commenting over there. Idea is that I will come over here every so often, copy your comment and/or links and post them over there.

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54 thoughts on “Admin page for readers

  1. Things filed under “hmmm”.
    Have a gander at the first 6 mins if you will. (Or watch the whole thing if you’re into plane spotting!)

  2. “A tribute to a trusted colleague and friend.”

    Important to state upfront that I’m not being mean about the demise of another. Point here is that the deceased was a Soros Fund Manager and that Farage trusted him. Increases the number of question marks already surrounding Farage, in my ‘umble.

    • Alternative link though the above is working fine for me at this site – just checked and it is readable.

  3. ” 2008 Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier says that COVID-19 coronavirus disease was artificially created in a lab by biologists working on an AIDS vaccine. ”

    French with subtitles. But still the sheep sleep.

  4. Dan Scavino again. Of note and related, the red-head press woman of Faux Joe tweeted that Space Force had not briefed his “administration” on what they’re up to and invited them to do so. I’ll keep my thoughts about that to myself.

  5. Article of “Impeachment” rebuttal from PDJT legal team.

  6. Video in tweet. Listen carefully.

    i> ” Climate Czar Gina McCarthy says:
    “Clean Energy” is cheaper than Fossil Fuels . .Thinking face

    Watch til end . “

    Not sending their best are they? 🙂

  7. Had to venture into the TDS zone for this but it was worth it coz they iz frit!

    “Donald Trump WILL NOT allow Biden to govern in peace.

    He WILL NOT.

    He still controls the GOP.

    He’s setting up a shadow presidency at Mar-a-Lago, & 19 GOP Gov., & millions will treat him as the president.

    There is no choice. He has to be arrested & indicted. We will lose
    America altogether if we don’t act now.

    There will be no case to try him later, if we fail to try him now.”

    • Yep. WP working except for that one blip now remedied.
      Captcha at t’other place not showing up. Just tried it. Nada! tried with DR usual moniker and then anonymous. zip. Doncha just love google? 🙂

  8. Is there a bin in this place? A comment I posted y/day didn’t appear – contained a video clip.

  9. Experiencing adverse weather conditions here – normal for time of year. Result – intermittent web connection – sometimes lecky goes down. All good fun. Reason for my absence.

    Last for today – video from monkeywerx. 9 mins. Second half gives pause for thought.

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