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Continuation November 20th to 24th. Readers will notice that the turnaround of the last two posts has been three days, not five. That’s because after 20 comments, it becomes unwieldy for readers. Ap [53] still shows comments over the duration in the ‘speech bubble’.

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  1. jameshigham Post author


    Steve: Planet Covid (Acute Coronary Syndrome Edition)

    a. Abstract 10712: mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning

    b. Analysis of ONS data on Deaths suggests the Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign has been an Unmitigated Disaster

    c. 2,620 Dead Babies in VAERS After COVID Shots – More Fetal Deaths in 11 Months than Past 30 Years Following All Vaccines as Scotland Begins Investigation

    d. “We’ll Never Give Up” — Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov’t COVID Tyranny

    e. Love Our Beautiful Italian Patriot!

    f. The Austrian Government Is In Big Trouble.. as those tyrants should be!

    g. Concentration Camps Now Being Put To Use In Australia

    h. When Asked If You’re Vaxxed

    i. ‘What’s Up With The Great Reset?’ [Video]

  2. jameshigham Post author


    Steve: Planet Covid (Kaputt Edition)

    a. German Doctor Thomas Jendges With Last Message Before Committing Suicide

    b. Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess Deaths

    c. Update From Israel – The Vaxxed Are Sick And Dying

    d. Must watch videos: statistician explains how the efficacy and safety claims are downright lies

    e. COVID Shots Are the Deadliest ‘Vaccines’ in Medical History

    f. Neil Oliver: Will we remain silent while a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores?

    g. Related:

    Mass Psychosis – How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill

    h. Dr Evil..

    Fauci Says Babies and Toddlers Could be Eligible For Covid Vaccine by Spring 2022

    i. CDC and Big Pharma Data Confirm that More Children will Die from COVID Vaccine than from the COVID Virus

    j. Shocking UK Study Stuns Medical Community: Vaccinated People 60 and Younger Are Twice As Likely to Die as Unvaccinated People

    k. Scientists “Mystified” Over Africa’s Low Vax Rate and Low COVID Numbers

  3. DAD

    Germany set to follow Austria’s example in making vaccinations compulsory amid a fourth wave of pandemic. ‘Gates of Vienna’ had this picture this morning.

    1. in yer ear

  4. jameshigham Post author


    Steve: Planet Covid (Cancel Culture Edition)

    a. Dr Peter McCullough Sues Medical Journal for Refusing to Publish Study Highlighting Risks of Covid-19 Vaccine in Children (video)

    b. Over 10,000 Australians want compensation for COVID-19 vaccine side effects

    c. Dr Roger Hodkinson – “You never, ever, ever start a vaccination programme in the middle of a Pandemic. Are they insane?”

    d. Related:

    Agenda 21 For Dummies

  5. DAD

    It is not only in the large countries that anti-covid restrictions are manifest. Also the French Overseas Territory of la Guadeloupe is experiencing protests.
    In English –
    In French –

  6. DAD

    I understand that the Austrian police association reportedly announced that they ‘work for the people – not for the New World Order’.

    It would be ironic indeed if Austria, the birthplace of Hitler, a fascist, who the globalists are mimicking in their medical tyranny, was to be the first globalist domino to fall.

    Also – The Case for Vaccine Passports Has Been Demolished

    The raw data doesn’t lie.

  7. jameshigham Post author


    Steve: Planet Covid (Live And Let Die Edition)

    a. Latest UKHSA Report Proves This is a ‘Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated’ Who Are More Than Twice As Likely to Die

    b. It’s Happening In The UK. The Jabbed Are In Serious Trouble

    c. Whoa! Twice As Many Cardiac Arrests In Athletes This Year Vs All Of History

    d. Follow The Money

    e. Dr Scott Atlas: No Reason for Young Adults to Get Booster Shots – “This Is Really Denial of Science”

    f. Follow The Money

    g. Fauci Without a Mask: The Truth About COVID-19

    h. Lockdown The Unvaccinated – Have Your Say – Shocking Discussion

    i. The Smallpox Bio-war – their “perfect” scheme to cover up vaccine deaths and cancel mid-term elections

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