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  1. DAD

    NJ; a different type of millionaire.

    (PS A report that I put on here earlier in the morning has gone into thin air.)

  2. jameshigham Post author

    Steve Planet Covid (Special Fried Rice Edition)

    a. All part of the plan? – China is hiding the nature and spread of an Ebola/Marburg-like Virus that has struck the country


    b. Myocarditis Tops List of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 12 to 17-Year-Olds, VAERS Data Show


    c. Worldwide Heart Attack Deaths among Pro-Footballers in 2021 were 300 per cent higher than the 12-year-average


    d. Courageous European MPs Give Their First Press Conference of 2022 [VIDEO]


    e. Narrative Is Crumbling: UK Cops Served Evidence & Given Ultimatum To Stop Jabbers Or Be Arrested


    f. President Of Ghana Goes On National TV To Tell The Entire Country About The Satanic Plan


    g. Ronald Reagan’s Prescient Warning About Government Power Should Frighten You



  3. DAD

    a) The City of Brotherly violence is at it again!

    Philadelphia is unable to control its violent carjacking criminals, so rather than double down on their efforts, they’ve released a handy-dandy pamphlet on how to not die while having your car stolen.

    b) Buenos Aires

    As Claudio Perez, the presenter on Channel 9, thanked Ferrara at the end of the report, the reporter suddenly mumbled “Sorry Claudio, sorry,” and a thumping sound could be heard through Ferrara’s live microphone feed.

    Claudio looked baffled. “What just happened?” he asked. The cameraman then filmed Carlos Ferrara lying face down on the sidewalk with the microphone still in his hand before the feed was cut.

  4. jameshigham Post author

    Steve: Planet Covid (Honest Doctor Edition)

    a. Former head of UK’s Vaccine Task Force calls for end of mass vaccination


    b. French Lawyer Files Complaint Against MPs Who Voted for Mandatory Injection of Workers


    c. Zen Koan for the virus


    d. Dr Astrid Stuckelberger On Graphene Oxide, Parasites, And Transistors Found In Vaccines


    e. Worth a repeat:

    Dr Dan Stock Calls Out The CDC At Mt. Vernon Indiana School Board


  5. in yer ear


    Who is taking orders from who???? ^^^

    Bins are p1ssed too?

  6. jameshigham Post author

    Steve: Planet Covid (Down Under Edition)

    a. If Only They Had Listened To Djocovic! Tennis Player Basilashvili Ends Tennis Match Due To Breathing!


    b. 7 Year-Old Allison Coleman Died In New South Wales – Australian Government Gets Tough


    c. They Can’t Keep Getting Away With It..


    d. This Aired Live On The BBC


    e. Vaccinators Are Responsible for Checking Batch Numbers For “Hot Lots” Before Administering Covid Shots


    f. Oh dear..

    The Draghi Regime Is In Disarray


    g. first one ties in with the nurse being interviewed by the BBC in the bitchute video ‘This Aired Live On The BBC’ above:

    ‘Pandemic of The Vaccinated’: Latest UK Health Data Shows Vaccinated Deaths Higher than Unvaccinated Deaths in Last Three Months!


    h. Tragic: 38-Year-Old Athlete Dies after Suffering Heart Attack During Swim Portion at Ironman 70.3 Pucon (VIDEO)


    i. Investigation Launched After 13-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Dies – Mother Blames Pfizer Vaccine


    j. The Associated Press Will No Longer Emphasize Covid Case Count to Help Joe Biden and the Democrats Going Into Midterm Elections


    k. Only 31 per cent of Americans Trust Megalomaniac Dr. Fauci After His Many Proven Lies on COVID Origins and Effective Treatments


    l. After Firing Unvaxxed Healthcare Workers, California Tells Covid-Positive Medical Workers to Stay on the Job



  7. DAD

    Further to the OOL item “The bottleneck slowly starting to leak” we have these item all from the same newspaper.


    and nearer to home, do I see cracks forming?

  8. Andy

    A leaflet was put through my door today. It is A5, four colour printed, the black on yellow headline is You must read this, should your children get the COVID jab? It goes on to give the facts, as we know them to be, which are not generally reported in the msm.

    Has anyone else received one of these? Over the next few days I will use it as a conversation piece with my neighbours. I’ll let you know what responses I get.

    Trying to take a picture of the thing to attach, bear with me.

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