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    I see we’re numbering posts now. Okey-doke.

    To follow the Sussman trial without resorting to clickbait and their disgusting ads this chap is giving a running commentary .

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    Tuesday’s News from France

    French President Emmanuel Macron has chosen Elisabeth Borne to lead his new government, putting an end to weeks of speculation after the presidential election in April.
    She is a typical lefty (member of the Socialists party until 2020), sucking at the teat of state.
    Former chief of staff of Ségolène Royal at the Ministry of Ecology in 2014, Elisabeth Borne was prefect of the Poitou-Charentes and Vienne regions. Director of the RATP from 2015 to 2017, Elisabeth Borne then worked on the reform of the SNCF.

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    Man from the West Country

    a. Clanet Povid (Purple Heart Edition):

    DOD Edits Medical Database to Hide Military COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries as US Military is Decimated by the Mandatory Shots


    b. Neil Oliver: WHO Pandemic Treaty Is The Greatest Power Grab Any of Us Has Seen In Our Lifetime


    c. The Proposed WHO Pandemic “Treaty” Is A Major Threat To Global Health And Human Rights -Take Action


    d. Ukraine:

    War Update! Russia Fires Incendiary Rockets into Azovstal Plant as 3 More Britons Found

    e. “Ukraine is gonna suffer horrific losses” – Scott Ritter

    f. Sweden & Finland Joining NATO: A Few Quick Points

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    A long thesis about the political situation in France. Following the Presidential elections we now vote for the MPs.

    “French paradox: no one wants to give Emmanuel Macron a majority, but all the projections in the MPs seats suggest that he will have a comfortable majority. It has been a long time since France has been in such an absurd, not to say grotesque, political situation”, by Hélène de Lauzun.


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    Man from the West Country

    a. Based on a Thorough Review of Election Regulations, Not a Single Voting System Testing Lab Used in the 2020 Election Was Accredited Based on the Law (Part I)


    b. Braincell update:

    ‘Democrats Are in Some Serious Trouble’ – New NBC Poll: 75 per cent of Americans Say Country is on Wrong Track Under Joe Biden


    c. Leftism is a mental illness..

    Austin Mom Tells Son She Tried to Abort Him, Then Laughs About It at Pro-Abortion Rally in Austin — Owen Shroyer Films It All (VIDEO)


    d. Colorado Governor Confirms State Will Allow Late Term Abortions – Defends Third-Trimester Abortions


    e. NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blasts Pro-Lifers, Says Women Have Right to Abortion Up to Day of Birth


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    Man from the West Country

    a. Ukraine:

    West’s Support for Extremism “Blows Back” in New York (Buffalo) Shooting

    b. Canada’s Longstanding Support for Ukraine’s Banderites


    c. Putin’s famous Munich Speech 2007

    Of Interest:

    d. Wheat Farmland Under Threat Worldwide As USDA Reveals Dismal Grain Outlook


    e. UK Government report states all UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb is to be banned, and construction of new buildings must cease in the name of Climate Change (July 2021)


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