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  1. ianronj

    Quiz entry – connection problems!
    #1. Oslo
    #3. Ho Chi Min city
    #6. Dublin
    Ian J

  2. jameshigham Post author



    a. VoterGA to Hold Press Conference on Monday Disclosing Legal Actions to Over 100 Counties Missing Drop Box Videos


    b. Attorney David Clements Discusses the 2020 Election Work in New Mexico “Focusing More on the Machine-Driven Aspects of Fraud”


    c. The Donald:

    “Are We A Third World Nation? Are We Becoming Venezuela? (Yes!)” – President Trump on Pennsylvania Primaries


    d. “Come On WSJ, Put Your RINO Hatred of Me Away.. Our Country Is Going to Hell!” – President Trump to Wall Street Journal


    e. “Where Do I Get My Reputation Back?” – President Trump Responds to Hillary’s Russia Collusion Sham that Defamed Him for Years


    f. Biden’s National Security Advisor Implicated in Providing Lies to Media About Candidate Donald Trump


    g. Here are the Two Fake News Reporters Natasha Bertrand and Franklin Foer Who Spread Alfa Bank Hoax for Hillary Clinton to Ruin President Trump


    h. “All Roads Lead to Andy McCabe” and “The Lovebirds” in Their Office, Strzok and Page – Kash Patel Says There’s More to Come on the Trump-Russia Conspiracy (VIDEO)


    i. Nicolle Wallace: The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation


    j. Big Ron:

    DeSantis Says Biden Should Be Given ‘Honorary Membership in Mexican Drug Cartels’


  3. DAD

    A (probable) battery operating bus on fire at Potter’s Bar.


    There is an interesting comment on WAWT

    Louis Hunt
    May 23, 2022 12:17 am
    Recent headlines:
    Mar 29, 2022 — California’s Modesto City Schools ordered 30 Blue Bird All American Type D electric school buses to convert nearly half of its fleet…
    Apr 8, 2022 — New York State legislators have agreed a budget that includes committing the state to 100% electric school buses by 2035.
    MAY. 20, 2022 — The Biden administration announced Friday it’s making $500 million available to school districts and other eligible operators and contractors to replace their fleet of diesel school buses with electric ones.

    What could go wrong? If they can’t abort them, they’ll find another way to reduce future generations.

  4. jameshigham Post author


    Man from the West Country

    a. Clanet Povid (Payola Edition):

    Corruption: Government Scientists have been paid $350million to hide Data


    b. Pfizer’s Manufacturing Process Exposed By Whistleblower Attorney – Problems With mRNA Consistency & Integrity [VIDEO]


    c. How to Prevent and Treat COVID Jab Injuries


    d. Smallpox vaccine to prevent monkeypox could cause global smallpox (variola) epidemics; I warn, do not be that stupid, understand you have damaged the immune systems of m (b)illions with COVID vaccines


    Click to access brmedj05956-0023a.pdf

    e. Monkeypox: “Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me”


    f. Plandemic II Launched to Keep Pandemic Funds Flowing to Big Pharma: MonkeyPox


    g. The Eternal Scamdemic


  5. in yer ear

    “Dr. Robert Malone Explains JYNNEOS and Who Is Really Funding These Programs”

    https://rumble.com/v15n16j-dr.-robert-malone-explains-jynneos-and-who-is-really-funding-these-programs.html [8 minute clip]

    “Bannon: “What is Monkey pox?”

    Dr. Malone: “Misdirection play.”

    “… they already have stockpiled vaccines. For smallpox what they bought is more smallpox vaccines… The name of the product is called JYNNEOS… It is marketed by Bavarian Nordic in you all you have to do is search for package insert JYNNEOS and you’ll pull up the package insert for the product and they will find that this is absolutely not a benign product just as with the old Dr. X product, which is somewhat safer than that I had experienced with that and this product when I was working for DOD. This has as one of the leading rare serious adverse events. Wait for it. cardiotoxicity myocarditis.”


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