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  1. in yer ear

    Surprise! Gargoyle well and truly blocking me with yet another ftp. Any clues what trigger words below might be causing the problem????

    Re the event in the south of that country across that big ocean from here.



    A big country eastwards accusing that big country across the big ocean from here of deliberately creating things to create a preventable hunger situation.


    Feel like I’m creating crossword clues…..

    Btw, yesterday I discovered it was three comments maximum cumulatively on gargoyle sites e.g 2 on ONO and one on OoL = 3 then dassit for the day. T0$$€r$

  2. DAD



    a) A recently released confidential document reveals that a startling majority of in utero babies died after pregnant women were injected with the Pfizer vaccine. (82% – 97% of Vaccinated Pregnant Women Lost their Babies).
    {A new form of (controlled) abortion}

    b) Klaus Schwab and Albert Bourla laugh about the “fanatic group of anti-vaxxers” that went after Pfizer in the past year and the “conspiracy theories” that they have read about themselves.

    c) In the latest installment of Big Government Badness, the WHO is meeting right now to consider some amendments suggested by the US and largely agreed by about 47 rich nations for no real benefit.
    {It’s not Health, but Control}

    d) Follow the Experts.

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