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  1. DAD


    It’s Friday

    a) Little Macaroon stamps his foot.

    ‘According to Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, President Emmanuel Macron does not rule out dissolving the National Assembly, in the event of a vote of no confidence against the government’.

    “If all the oppositions coalesced to adopt a motion of censure and bring down the government, it would leave it up to the French and the French would decide and say what is the new majority they want”, affirmed the minister on LCI, this Thursday, September 29.

    {DAD – The chance of the French voting for working longer years, then receiving a poorer pension is remote.}


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  2. jameshigham Post author


    Evets 5 on Thursday (1830)

    a. Trump Offers to Step in and Mediate a Peace Deal Between Russia, Ukraine and the US


    b. President Trump Warns of World War III – Says Possible Nuclear War Keeps Him Up at Night


    c. What A Coincidence!


    d. “Without Russian Gas, Our Economy Will be Dead!” – Thousands of Protesters March in Eastern German States Against Soaring Energy Prices the Night Before Nord Stream Blasts


    e. More On The Referendum Game Changer


    f. United Nations Food Chief Warns Of ‘Chaos,’ ‘Hell’ And Wide Spread Food Shortage Next Year: The World Is Facing ‘A Perfect Storm On Top Of A Perfect Storm’


    g. Zuckerberg Falls Off List of Top Ten Wealthiest Americans


  3. jameshigham Post author


    Evets 4 on Tuesday (1123)

    a. Maricopa County Creates “Ministry Of Truth” To Silence The Gateway Pundit – Now Requiring Official Press Pass For Media “To Enter Its Facilities And/Or Cover Events Related To The 2022 General Election”


    b. Democrat Operative in Wisconsin Led ‘Milwaukee Votes 2022 GOTV Effort’


    c. FBI Changes the Number of Documents They Stole from President Trump’s Estate – at Mar-a-Lago


    d. 22 Lawmakers Demand Merrick Garland Explain Exactly Why The FBI’s SWAT Team Raided Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck: Why Was ‘Excessive’ Force Used By the FBI Against An American Citizen’ In Local Matter?


    e. Analysis: Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotaged, and Only One Country Benefits


    f. Tucker Goes There – Suggests Joe Biden and US Behind Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipelines (Video)


    g. US Embassy and Consulates in Russia Warn Americans to Leave Russia Immediately


  4. DAD



    a) Macron’s back has a target on it. Don’t mess with Italy.

    b) PM Jacinda Ardern calls internet freedom a “weapon of war” in most recent UN speech. Calls for a new type of internet with “rules and transparency”.
    “How do you tackle climate change if people don’t believe it exists”.

    c) A non-governmental organization (NGO), with financial links to billionaire George Soros, has won a $41 million federal contract from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to help illegal aliens evade deportation from the United States.


    d) Joe tells the BEST way to prepare for a hurricane (From 2021).

  5. in yer ear


  6. jameshigham Post author


    Evets 5 on Wednesday

    a. “De-Biased” Poll Analysis Shows GOP Taking Back The Senate


    b. Poll Finds 61 Percent of Voters Say the US is in a Recession, 67 Percent Blame Biden for Nation Being on ‘Wrong Track’


    c. Germany Likely to Keep Two Nuclear Power Plants on This Winter to Prevent Blackouts


    d. “It’s a Really Big Hole” Update: Sabotage Suspected in Nord Stream 1 and 2 Leaks; Sweden Detected Possible Explosions at Locations of Leaks of 2.3 and 1.9 on Richter Scale


    e. Guess Who Threatened to Take the Russian Nord Stream Pipelines Offline Before They Were Sabotaged This Week?


    f. China Doubles Down on Fossil Fuel Usage Despite Its Commitment to Globalist Elites and Useful Idiots Like John Kerry


    g. Mother Blames “Vaccinated Blood” for the Death of Her One-Month-Old Baby Who Died from Blood Clot Following Blood Transfusion


  7. jameshigham Post author


    Evets 4 on Wednesday

    a. As Democrats’ Prospects in the 2022 Midterms Continue to Wane – Party Leaders Preach Violence Against Americans (Video)


    b. Jan. 6 Prisoner Beaten til He Lost an Eye, Later He Was Tied to Chair for 12 Hours, Now He Has Blood Clots and Precancerous Growths, Government Won’t Allow Him Medical Treatment – They Want Him Dead


    c. Rep. Paul Gosar Tells TGP About The New GOP’s Plan For A Real J6 Investigation And Securing The Southern Border – “Democrats And Biden Are The Party Of Death” (Video)


    d. Bill Barr Confronted Over Refusal To Help Jan 6th Prisoners


    e. “They’re Panicked Because They Know the Current System is Doomed” – Tucker Carlson’s Opening on the Elite’s Reaction to Giorgia Meloni’s Win in Italy


    f. Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Joins Tucker Carlson After Italy Elects Its First Female Populist Leader: “If They’re Not Attacking You, You’re Probably Not Truly Representing The People Of Your Country”


    g. “Many People Are Becoming Aware of the Very Serious Coup d’état that is Being Carried Out by Supranational Powers” – Archbishop Vigano on the Election of Giorgia Meloni


  8. DAD



    a) Do you remember that, a few days ago, I posted that our (French) President said that he will send illegal refugees (IRs) to the countryside villages. I said that it was a stupid idea as there were no jobs here and that the IRs would quickly drift to the towns. It has happened.

    “In this isolated Corrèze village, 50 migrants have been settled. Only 1 found a job. He has to cycle 24km a day. For administration, they have to go to Limoges or Bordeaux (3h drive). Morality, no migrant stays put”.

    b) EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is under pressure because of a multi-billion dollar contract for the delivery of 1.8 billion Corona vaccine doses from the manufacturer Pfizer/BioNTech. Members of the EU Parliament accuse von der Leyen of keeping important information about the preparation of the contract under lock and key and are calling for clarification.


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