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  1. jameshigham Post author


    Evets on Friday

    a. Jordan Conradson Joins Kari Lake To Discuss Huge 9th Circuit Win Against Maricopa County And Upcoming Election Lawsuit (Video)


    b. “We Are Going To Be Filing A Lawsuit This Friday” – Kari Lake Guest Hosts America First With Sebastian Gorka (Video)


    c. Arizona Media PR Company Find Impossible Variant in Election Day Data – 25 per cent of GOP Voters Flipped their Votes on Top GOP Candidates


    d. Arizona Mohave County Board of Supervisors to Discuss Litigation Against Maricopa County following Fraudulent Election


    e. Trump On Who Is To Blame For Midterm Results: “I Can Name Them All!”


    f. Wayne Root: It’s All Rigged Like Pro Wrestling: If You Think Kari Lake, Dr Oz and Herschel Walker Lost without a Rigged Election, You’re an Idiot


    g. Soros is Funding 253 Leftist Groups to Influence Global Media and Push Their Anti-American Agenda on the Masses


    h. F Joe Biden is Back – Crowd in Tampa Erupts After Game in “F*** Joe Biden” Chants


    i. Secret Service Caught Changing Story About Hunter Biden Documents


    j. Retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown’s Attorney: FBI “Planted” Evidence In His Trial


    k. J6 Jeremy Brown Trial Update: Mysterious CD Full of Classified Reports From Bergdahl Case Emerges During Trial


    l. Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Makes Shocking Request of Elon Musk – What Does He Know?


    m. House Passes National Defense Funding Bill That Rescinds US Military’s Covid Vaccine Mandate


    n. Sen. Ron Johnson Hosts Historic Round Table Discussion on C**ID Vaccines with Prominent Doctors Including Drs McCullough, Malone, Cole, Risch, and Others


    o. Carolina Panthers Defensive End Henry Anderson Reveals He was Hospitalized for “Minor Stroke” Due to Blood Clot in His Brain – Doctors were Baffled


    p. 6-Year-Old Canadian Kid Child Suddenly Dead After Suffering “Massive Stroke” – Doctor Diagnosed her with “Myocarditis due to the Flu”


    q. Shocking Video Shows 28-Year-Old Woman Drops Dead While Working Out at a Gym


    r. Gov. DeSantis Seeks to Hold C**ID Vaccine Makers ‘Accountable for Misleading the Public About the Vaccine’s Safety


  2. DAD



    a) Bari Weiss releases Stage 2 of the Twitter revelations.

    b) AKH has a video of Professor Legutko on the EU quasi-parliament. {DAD – It is the truth, but will have no effect on these self satisfied morons. Look at their smug, grinning faces as he is speaking.}


    c) ‘Just Stop Oil’ Activists Admit Using Petrol Cars, Claim They’re Not Hypocrites.


    d) Biden Admin Will Ban Fossil Fuel Use In New Federal Buildings By 2030. “Ridding pollution from our buildings and adopting clean electricity are some of the most cost-effective and future-oriented solutions we have to combat climate change,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in a statement.
    { Do they know the proportion of their electricity that is produced by fossil fuels? Do the have a filter that can distinguish between electrons to block ‘bad’ fossil produced electrons and passes good green ones?}


    e) Macron puts another nail in the coffin that once was France.


  3. DAD



    a) Paul Joseph Watson on a cringeworthy Christmas message.


    b) Soros gives more to the Dems.


    c) Kirk Cameron speaks out… Libraries won’t allow me to read my Christian book to kids.


    d) News from France.

    i) Parisian children are being required to walk to school with a police escort due to an increased presence of drug addicts and prostitutes in one district of the French capital.




    ii) Due to the historically low production of nuclear power, possible power cuts may occur this winter in France. And according to the Enedis spokesperson, patients at high risk of death will not be “prioritised”. Enedis is a French public utility company, which manages the electricity distribution network.


    iii) France’s citizens’ council of 150 members of the public will meet on Friday to begin discussions on end-of-life care in France, including whether assisted suicide should be legalised. As French laws have evolved over the last two decades, calls have increased to allow medically assisted deaths for terminally ill patients.
    {DAD … but where will it end – see what is happening in Canada}


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