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“Deplorable”, “irredeemable”, “dregs of society”, ”toxic white male”, “gammon”, ”swivel-eyed loon”, "tinfoil hatter" and proud of it.

Twitter bans me

Some are already aware I am permanently banned for the opposite of what I advocate. They always project, these crims. However, they’ve been clever. Offically it is 12 hours, starting when I give them my phone. One does not give enemies one’s phone.

State of play is therefore that I get blank screen, no access to DMs as promised and that, effectively, is that, with no James O’Keefe martyrdom, no one to even know how they did it, nor can I know anything you have written.

Admin page [2] for readers

Follows on from the first admin page, which became a bit filled up. If there’s trouble getting comments posted at ONO, then here is where to leave them.

The current site is ONO [original nourishing obscurity, which we’ve returned to] and there’s also OoL which is a multiple author site. Has that confused the issue?