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Site news – first view

The build was quicker than expected and though still some days away, it’s certainly not now going to be as far away as the 23rd, nice though that auspicious day for me might have been – it will be far earlier.

It’s been a long haul which was complicated by people between the server and me having issues of their own. I might have been able to launch earlier in a half-assed way but this seemed worth the wait.

new NO small



Very intermittent blogging today as I’m currently doing the navigation on the new [old] site and it’s a bit complicated for my poor brain. Getting there but slowly [like the boat]. Currently putting in the authors.

There will be posts here today but can’t say when at this moment.


In the middle of building – this time not the boat but the site Mk4.

It’s looking good, even if I do say so myself, the functionality is amazing and the navigation nice. There’s a commercial side to it too which is currently disabled until I go into business.

There are all sorts of areas which can be built in.

JD doesn’t want grey on white for his old eyes and I presume nor the font too small. I’ve just made the text black.

Where can this site be found, you might ask? Well,it can’t be released for view until launch date sometime between Feb 11th and Feb 23rd and there’s a lot of building before then.

Co-authors will be pleased that all their pages, music etc. are intact.

Whom do I have to thank for this? The story will be told on launch date.

Unfortunately, I can’t be in two places at once and so this site here might be intermittent in the next few days – sorry ’bout that.

Wordpressdotcom so far

Just had a look at stats for this wordpressdotcom site and predictably, they’re down, in terms of people clicking in – have no way of knowing the RSS side of it.   About one third of the traffic from the old site but then again, there’d been years building that up.


NO readers

Most popular entry point was the front page by a long margin, then Bloody Blogger and The Question and guess what the least popular post or page was?   Tail between the legs – bio of the main author – one hit.   LOL.

This site began on January 14.   Mk 4 will begin on Feb 23rd.

Though it’s fair to say NO is down at this time, the theme and WP in general have been quite pleasant to use, apart from the autosave business.     However, I hear the criticism of WPDC from the visitor.   Not for much longer.

Cascade of errors which should have been foreseen

This is a personal post, not about some government department this time, so if you clicked in to see the latter, sorry to disappoint.

Some time ago, I put up a post using material sent me by one of the correspondents who do this – there are about eight people feeding material through.    Usually it’s clear which part of the email can go up and which can’t.   Sometimes it needs careful editing.   By and large, they trust me to get this right.

Occasionally they specify exactly what is to be left in and what removed and I just go and do it.   Now, as Wiggia knows, sometimes I credit him in categories but forget to change author name and that’s partly the rate at which I blog, partly the damn system not working and I’ll get to Autosave in a moment. Continue reading

Bill Krauser

0072286854501_300X300… and the birth of modern computing:

Ethernet at the time was very kludgy. It was this big, thick cable that at the time you had to screw a tap into, and then you had another cable that connected to a card that you connected to your computer. The biggest drawback was that and it was about $3,000. Who is going to spend $3,000 to connect a $3,000 computer? How is that to going to work? We knew we needed to get on to a VLSI circuit, a highly dense semi-conductor to quickly bring the cost down, and that was what we ultimately did. So that was one part.

More here …

Bloody Blogger!

Now this is what I’ve been going on about. Sorry to pick on Mark from Mayenne here but it’s a perfect example.

Mark is a fine chap whose primary concern is the gite he’s running in northern France. That means mucho maintenance work. He has a computer tucked away somewhere and a blog about doings around the gite and other matters.

Fine so far. Naturally, there is little time to keep rechecking the blog for comments, being out there ‘n all and so, naturally, he switches on captcha or it’s even defaulted that way.


OK, here’s what Mark has just unknowingly inflicted on his readers:

blogger outrageous captcha Continue reading

Spott ther mistakk

spot the mistakk

[WordPress dash]

Is Twitter necessary?

back on twitter

As a blogger, I dumped Twitter when they blocked Tweetdeck and had me signed up for things I never signed up for.  I said intercourse you and disappeared.

However, many fellow bloggers are not blogging as much and so I dropped into Twitter again and there they all were, the lazy bu wonderful people.    OK, so it’s necessary for a blogger to be on Twitter it seems.   Hmmmm.   Now I need to get some sort of app in the sidebar which runs tweets as they are made by people.

Also, find I’m retweeting a lot.   In the morning or at intervals during the day, I’ll go in and run down the list, retweeting anything interesting.   Is that how you do it or is it uncool to retweet or what?   How do most people use Twitter?   Is it necessary to be on Twitter?

100 posts at this third site – yo!


A brief, incomplete, and mostly wrong history of programming languages

This via Chuckles:

Fortunately for computer science the supply of curly braces and angle brackets remains high.

The continuing cyberwoes of nourishing obscurity

In most ventures, I have, as you do, a certain amount of basic knowledge before beginning, e.g. I know how to build a boat.

Unfortunately, in providing or hosting a site, I do not.    I can do certain things to alter the site as an end user and have constructed a simple one from scratch before but when it comes to knowledge of Sql, php and all the other nice little things like DSL etc., I know the concepts, obviously but couldn’t put a site on a server, for example.

However, there are hosting packages which supposedly can.   Two biggies are 1&1 and Godaddy.   Another is 5quid.   In fact, there is a nice package from Godaddy which I’d planned [after last Sunday’s meeting] to use and it was a price I could currently afford.

The nub of the matter though was that it was a hosting package, therefore I could host other sites to recoup the tiny outlay.   I already have one site in the wings [commercial] which more than does that.   So what’s the problem?   Well, mine current host was putting it on there but supposedly it was being thrown onto random servers by Godaddy.   Upshot, I’m told, is that the site is therefore inaccessible. Continue reading

Nourishing Obscurity Mk3

header left winter textSome decisions were taken today, not all mine.   In a nutshell, there is a short-term fix we can’t be sure will not see the old problems resurface or a lateral fix which we’ve decided to take.   In short, we’re each moving up one role.

The fix is an excellent one but involves initial money I’m not prepared to commit until a month from now as there’s a major change to my real life circumstances happening during this time and I need to concentrate fully on that.

Therefore, NO will be at this site until at least February 23rd and I’d say another month after that too as I do all the things, including the boat, which are going to need doing/building/paying for.

I’ve been watching my space usage here and estimate I have a maximum of four months at this address at this rate, so the time frame for the fourth incarnation of NO will be March/April.   This is therefore not a stop-gap at this address but the third incarnation of nourishing obscurity.


There seems to have been reticence among readers to come to this address, certainly to comment and co-authors don’t seem happy, apart from haiku and Rossa, to commit to co-authoring.    That’s fine,  I put a lot of it down to the uncertain nature of it all, plus some just don’t like WPdotcom.

So, laze ‘n gem, that’s the state of play.   Welcome to nourishing obscurity Mk3.

Sunday comedy corner

‘I’d erase deficit by 2020’: Ed Balls to pledge to put Britain back in the black if Labour is elected

You’d have to admit – that’s one of the funniest things we’ve seen in a long while.   Excuse me a mo – just mopping up the spilled coffee.

Meanwhile, some things worth reading [around the blogs, natch]:

Julia and six most inappropriate song titles

What sort of person blogs like this [LOL]:

According to a recent article in the Financial Times, 2013 was a frustrating year for Bangladeshi garment manufacturers.

Today’s major issue – who on earth is Meredith Wobig?

Someone not all that enamoured of Nigel and UKIP

Quick bites – the Mash

Thing about the Mash is how close to the truth it actually gets, whilst being funny in the process.

Women ‘should be banned’

You can get away with a lot in humour you couldn’t otherwise get away with.

Married gays to tour drought-hit countries

That’s classic, LOL.

Neville arrested outside Moyes house with gun

Have to be into football.

Football clubs urged to panic buy early

Aye.  And:

Things cannot be dumbed down any further, warn experts

Rest of Europe wants referendum on Britain