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Romance in film and music

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One of my favourite moments from the last seven episodes, Series 7

This headline:

Arwen and Aragorn’s romance nearly didn’t happen

… illustrates the need, for the mainstream, to have some sort of romance in film or music. Continue reading


The Doc regenerates viewer interest again

doc and clara 2

What a huge difference the actors make.   Bleedin’ obvious you’d probably say, given the onscreen chemistry through cinematic history but seriously … how, when one detests Karen Gillan’s sassiness, can Jenna-Louise Coleman’s be fine? Continue reading

Series 6 of the Doc

Previous series and that skirt:

Anyway, about Series 6 of the Doc – mixed feelings.

The characterizations weren’t too bad, e.g. the Silence and Winston Churchill was OK but with the main cast, well , not sure.   Matt Smith got better but there was definitely something not right about Amy Pond.   And our Rory was a bit drippy, did you not think? Continue reading

The Question

6a00e54fe4158b8833016304de145d970d-320wiMemo to self – when you awake at 3 a.m., just in time for the voice on the computer to say, “It’s 3 a.m.,” when it dawns that your airbed has collapsed under you, that moving the room round during the day meant the bed was going to be up against the heater you forgot to turn off and the piece-de-resistance – when you forgot to switch off the Doctor Who Series 6 final disc as you fall asleep and some sort of nightmare wakes you, with people screaming and the Silence wreaking havoc, with the Doctor being shot multiple times, when everyone is running around with eyepatches on, when Amy Pond is talking in the garden to her daughter many years older than her, then a reality check is needed. Continue reading

The Doc 5 and 6 – what an unmitigated load of …


Well, finished the 5th series and have started the 6th and one thing became quite apparent.

Before that though, we’re affected by what we see and one person who has been given great stick is Jenna-Louise Coleman for her precocious brat performance and lack of chemistry with Matt Smith.

Hmmmm, in the clips I’ve seen, she comes across quite well and there seems a very real chemistry there. Plus her interviews have been first rate, her deep voice belying her baby face and her brain have been good PR for Doctor Who. Continue reading

Some movie moments

Continue reading

Tardis time – early in Series 5


Your humble correspondent is well aware this might not be the most rivetting topic in 2014, as distinct from 2007-10.  It’s like the debate over which was better – Bond or Bourne – it was done a few years back, it doesn’t need doing again.

On the other hand, all this is new to me and though 4-7 years too late, certain observations can be made. Continue reading

End of an era

Caught this in passing and as I’m about to watch Series 5 and 6, it was interesting.

Interesting how we become attached to people, things, what we do for a time. I remember it was like that when I summarily left Russia and the shock took years to get over, as with my ex-gf and seems there are issues with her we’ll talk about today across the miles.

So though these are not my favourites in Doctor Who, the story’s the same:

Very hard to part.