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New Order of the Barbarians [2]

camelotYou might have forgotten this post about the new age we’re now in.


It represented two taped interviews recorded in 1988,the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society. There is then a third tape transcribed.

The meeting was addressed by Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989) who at the time was Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Continue reading


New Order of the Barbarians

camelotJust spent the early morning making a pdf, as if there weren’t enough other things to do.

It works this way – someone sends something, in this case, Ian PJ and even he admits he hasn’t read it. There are two things I can do, as it’s close to 50 pages when edited.

Skim read first and if there’s anything of interest, then make the decision – wade through it and format it – it as all over the place, grammatically – or just say: “No time.”


This is available on the web anyway.   Oh well, let’s go for it. Continue reading


This started because Richard wrote that IOUs are legal instruments. Yes they are and the banks owe us what we’ve deposited but try asking for it in silver.

My point was just to repeat that we’re so far from legality in this country when it comes to various instrumentalities but with us, the letter of the law is applied rigorously.

Which then gets to the next question – just who are these people with this attitude to the people as serfs and who are perfectly happy to charge second homes to expenses and swan around like suited crooks [their masters?].

And the answer is fourfold, is it not? At EU level, at Westminster level, in local authorities … and the banksters and major corporations as one unit.

I’m interested in the process whereby people with this attitude or who are susceptible to this attitude even got there to make life a misery for us. Part of the answer is Common Purpose at every level of the machine, leading beyond authority, filled with a sense of their own position and dispensing justice here, showing mercy there. Continue reading

Oh for goodness sake!

Goldie Hawn: Troubles of young stars like Justin Bieber ‘heartbreaking’

Endangering a Lamborghini – heartbreaking, yes.    Davos eye candy, Ms Hawn realizes just how terrible life is for Them.

Actress Goldie Hawn says world leaders are discovering how “mindfulness” helps with stress — but that she despairs at seeing young stars like Justin Bieber struggling to deal with fame.   Hawn spoke to CNN at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she had led a session on the power of neuroscience and mindfulness to “change the world.”

Mindfulness, eh?

More reasons to despise feminists

LOL – feminists are under attack from their sisters from all sorts of angles now – long may it happen.

wendy davisWiggia brings this one, about riding on the backs of men and then savaging men from their new-found position of influence … plus various dogs’ acts along the way:

Wendy Davis is continuing in the footsteps of “great” feminist leaders who climbed up the political ladder on the backs of the men who supported them financially.

It was revealed in the Dallas Morning News that her ex-husband cashed in his 401k and took out a loan to pay for her law degree at Harvard.

Over time, the Davises’ marriage was strained. In November 2003, Wendy Davis moved out.

Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.”

Likewise, feminist icon Gloria Steinem used her relationships with men to advance her career in journalism. Continue reading

The internet of all things going awry

This site and OoL have run posts before,mainly courtesy Ken Craggs, on the Internet of Things, Information Awareness and all of that.   I know I say it over and over but certain thing stick in the memory.

Wolfie once wrote that he’s been with such supposedly dire people and they couldn’t organize their way out of a paper bag [or words to that effect].   They certainly have these big plans but something always seems to happen.

This below, from haiku, falls under that heading:

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Bad guys have already hijacked up to 100,000 devices in the Internet of Things and used them to launch malware attacks, Internet security firm Proofpoint said on Thursday.

It’s apparently the first recorded large-scale Internet of Things hack. Proofpoint found that the compromised gadgets—which included everything from routers and smart televisions to at least one smart refrigerator—sent more than 750,000 malicious emails to targets between December 26, 2013 and January 6, 2014.

The hack came to light over the relatively quiet holiday period when a security researcher at Proofpoint noticed a spike in thousands of malicious messages sent from a range of IP addresses she didn’t recognize, David Knight, a Proofpoint executive in charge of information security products, told me in an interview.

See also: The Internet Of Things Might Try To Kill You.

I had to scrape haiku off the floor, he was laughing fit to bust.



Whilst I am prepared to accept that organic foods offers very little in the way of additional nutritional benefits, the following makes one wonder about just how much the scientists are ignoring …

The United States is facing an epidemic of herbicide-resistant “superweeds” that some activists and researchers are blaming on GMOs, an accusation rejected by industry giants.

According to a recent study, the situation is such that American farmers are “heading for a crisis.”

Many scientists blame overuse of herbicides, prompted by seeds genetically modified to resist them. Continue reading