7.  Brunch and elevenses

Pseudo-Cumberland and boiled tatties:

What culinary things are you up to?  Long time no ask.

6.  Hamilton rethink?

5.  Uh huh

The most popular theory of the moon’s origins contends the satellite was formed when a Mars-sized object collided with Earth, vaporizing large portions of Earth’s upper crust.

While Earth’s upper crust is poor in metals, new research — published Wednesday in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters — suggests the moon’s subsurface is surprisingly metal-rich, undermining the satellite’s proposed origin story.

4.  Wisdom

3. Nice

Following this recent item on Robin DiAngelo and her lamentable bestseller White Fragility, some of you may have been wondering, “What kind of person is drawn to and internalises this neurotically demented horseshit?”

2. This pair are sad cases

1. Simon quotes

Land is becoming an ever-bigger barrier to new supply. Land makes up over 70% of the value of existing homes (up from 50% in 1995) and is a high input cost when building a new home.9 As the cost of construction varies relatively little across the country, when we talk about unaffordable market homes, in many ways we are discussing the high cost of land in some areas. This is at the heart of the housing crisis.

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Anchored ovens in the storm

There are four projects I’d like to look at – the first is Newport, Rhode Island, the second Fremantle, WA, the third is in the youtube in the sidebar concerning the Dubai mini-islands, the last is below:

The one I feel qualified to speak on is the anchored ovens in the storm.  Back to that further down.

Newport after the America’s Cup loss
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Wimmin on bikes N873



Wooden boats

There’s a beauty to wood which can’t be matched by other materials. Wiggia sends these pics from Pinterest:

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Whither Scotland?


At first I thought the Scottish gentleman had a point:

It’s a numbers game. England has 170K registered senior players. Scotland 12K, Ireland 25K, Wales 23K, Italy 17K. Taking into consideration the number of players England have available from England , Tonga etc it must be a disappointment that they are not able to beat a team with Scotland ability by more than 20 points.

… but then I thought it through and found this at the Roar, a heavily pro-AFL site: Continue reading

Pamper yourself with Next Two

The theme so far today has been insanity from on high but it need not be the on-highs – it can be a bog standard auto company too:

Renault wants to make your commute as chill as possible. Assuming your route is “protected” (free of pedestrians, cyclists or lane changes), the French automaker has a few tricks up its sleeve to make gridlocked traffic less of a hassle. Once you engage automated driving mode, the Next Two prototype releases scents to calm you down, adjusts cabin lighting, kicks the seat back and activates massage motors to melt away the day’s stresses.

The company purposely designed these features to activate at below 19MPH (30KPH) — about half of Audi’s cap — to take the frustration out of bumper-to-bumper traffic. With the push of a button though, the reins are back in your hands and everyone’s safety is up to you.

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