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Wooden boats

There’s a beauty to wood which can’t be matched by other materials. Wiggia sends these pics from Pinterest:

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Whither Scotland?


At first I thought the Scottish gentleman had a point:

It’s a numbers game. England has 170K registered senior players. Scotland 12K, Ireland 25K, Wales 23K, Italy 17K. Taking into consideration the number of players England have available from England , Tonga etc it must be a disappointment that they are not able to beat a team with Scotland ability by more than 20 points.

… but then I thought it through and found this at the Roar, a heavily pro-AFL site: Continue reading

Pamper yourself with Next Two

The theme so far today has been insanity from on high but it need not be the on-highs – it can be a bog standard auto company too:

Renault wants to make your commute as chill as possible. Assuming your route is “protected” (free of pedestrians, cyclists or lane changes), the French automaker has a few tricks up its sleeve to make gridlocked traffic less of a hassle. Once you engage automated driving mode, the Next Two prototype releases scents to calm you down, adjusts cabin lighting, kicks the seat back and activates massage motors to melt away the day’s stresses.

The company purposely designed these features to activate at below 19MPH (30KPH) — about half of Audi’s cap — to take the frustration out of bumper-to-bumper traffic. With the push of a button though, the reins are back in your hands and everyone’s safety is up to you.

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Not 100% clad wimmin, vaguely associated with bikes for a photoshoot N458

Man U man

For Andrew:

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Home. Let’s check:

Football: Newcastle go down but no shame. Sunderland down too. Liverpool are amazing. Haven’t seen the summary – was it Gerrard feeding those two up front? Is Gerrard being played in the right position at last?

Rugby: Welsh dismantled. The real game – 20 nil but the dominance was much more. Why can England play rugby but not cricket or football?

Not bad eh? Joe Hart?


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Wimmin on bikes #184


Club culture is paramount

This is from NO’s resident* Toon, in the club’s Mag:

I am old enough to remember the protests and the banners against Joe Harvey and the demands by supporters for his removal and for the club to show more ambition; to win a trophy. And this barely five years after winning the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (forerunner of today’s Europa League).

“Be careful what you wish for, it might come true!”

The Club duly sacked Harvey and what happened next?

We were ‘rewarded’ with Gordon Lee and Richard Dinning. And then….?

Nothing happened; new faces but same old problems.

We still haven’t won anything since 1969.(The Texaco Cup and the Anglo-Italian Cup don’t really count. Well, do they?)

jackiemilburnIn my book, the passion is the thing, the love of the club or the family or the nation or whatever it is you belong to.

Why is it that some clubs always talk of success, sell the club, bring in a a new board on a New Deal which is going to pave the stands in gold and it never really happens? Continue reading

Build report


For those interested and who’ve been wondering about the build situation, it’s fourfold – other things laid on me, the weather, the drying up of the last lot of money and some design adjustments [necessary to comply], meaning I need another order.

Hopefully, within days I’ll be able to get back to it and get it finished.

In the pic above, ignore the hull, as mine is straight-sided and at its widest underwater. The point of the pic is the rig. If you can imagine the three masts in the pic a bit further forward and three identical sails of that type, [called a standing lug], then that is how it will be on shorter masts than you see here. Forget that little sail above – the masts are short.

These lug sails can be attached at the lower front corner [the tack] to the mast or boom or can be made free and brought round to the side rail on the edge [the gunwhale] and then the sail acts as a square rigger.

So, imagine a square sail with the top diagonal instead of square, the tack is attached to the mast below and the yard at the top leans forward almost as you see but more upright. That’s the simple rig. And the rig determines mast position and that determines cabins below, front deck and cockpit aft. They’ve all been built so conversely, the rig cannot now change.

Sorted a double rail system above and that will let me finish the deck in a week [weather permitting]. Once that’s done, it doesn’t matter what the weather does.

So it is going ahead. Pics will be coming.

Just don’t say anything to JD

Newcastle United 0 Sunderland 3


Meanwhile, the mad keen Man U supporter at work who predicted 3-0 now van Persie and Roons are back – cough.

All eyes on Monday.

Fastest mobility scooter


Faux Tube signs


Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius.


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