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Hooked on Valentine’s

My tribute to Valentine’s Day, dedicated to Twilight and Rossa, with a certain person in mind:

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Arabs losing the plot [1]

JD asks:

Set piece songs which then break the shackles

Songs, music, mostly start out as set pieces, continue that way and if they’re catchy, they’re hits.

The ones I like best are those which start that way but somewhere along the line – in the middle, near the end – someone takes it and breaks the shackles, with the band keeping up as best they can.

Here are three such songs.    First, the flute  – you were never sure where you were with Ian Anderson [2.36]:

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Man U man

For Andrew:

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Celtic mist

JD replies, [to celebrate the Kinnear departure no doubt]:

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Township revisited

Know we’ve done some of these before but let’s do them again:

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Sunday morning Sandy

Personally, I can’t imagine a better way to greet a Sunday morning than a lovely woman with a golden voice:

[Chap who made this apologizes for “love” instead of “loathe” in the lyrics]:

This melancholy winter motif is close to my heart and Fairport did it well.  Here’s one other in the same spirit:

Even that makes me sad as I’m now on the other side of the country from home.  Weird that home’s just across the Pennines and I don’t go there.   Eternal expat?


For Damon:

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Pete Seeger

Bit late to the funeral.   Oh well …

When someone grows up in a culture which embraces anti-war protest, civil-rights, sit-ins, student politics and Fabianism force fed by university lecturers and teachers, when someone is too immature to critically question the overtones to what seem straightforward grounds for protest, then that is typical of those of my day. Continue reading


Interesting history of music animation

music animation

Messin’ around

Halfway House and others

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Bitta Mozart, bitta Taylor

For Sophie:

… and in another genre:

Horns of a dilemma

In the light of recent musical offerings, not least the horny offering, Chuckles sends this [and note the first few words]:

Not your usual