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The price of cowardice


Explaining this site in more detail

It’s been asked why even have this site at dotcom.

When leaving Blogger due to their “guilty until eventually cleared” policy after a troll tried to take my site down in 2008, this was on offer, plus it was necessary to have a “dot com” in order to get the API key for Akismet. That key ran much more too.

Behind this site, on my WP account, are some five other sites, plus migrated  files from the Old Site, plus much else.

For heavy blogging though, this site you’re now on does not cut it –  WP have designed it solely for new bloggers with light loads – so the main blogging is found via the navbar link above: “Main Site”.

Pre-June 23rd, this might be the most important vid you’ll see

Mar 7, 2016 N.O. down at 21:00

UPDATE TUES MORN: Main site appears to be back up, grumbling along, it’s being investigated, this site here snoozes again for now.

It’s a situation where I don’t know if you, the reader can see the main site or not – I can’t and I can’t get in to find out.

If it’s still this way tomorrow morning, I’ll blog from here tomorrow.

The cold, dark heart of the British public

Matthew Parris writes:

What Jeremy Corbyn, like David Cameron, understands about the cold, dark heart of the British public – leave compassion to journalists and Lib Dems. Voters want a dash of acid.

Oh yes, I can relate to that and so, it seems, can the “cold-hearted” British public:

I think Mr Parris is on to something. When the little boy refugee was found drowned on a beach in Greece, the media tugged hearstrings for the plight of all refugees. But I found a much colder attitude amongst people I knew.
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The f***ing Taxpayers’ Alliance

tpa logoTim Montgomerie ‏

The f**king TaxPayers’ Alliance – as public sector bureaucrats describe it – is 10.

My OpEd in Thursday’s Times: …

The Times of London

A decade of struggle against the State Goliath

The f**king TaxPayers’ Alliance celebrates its tenth anniversary this week. Formally there may be no F in the TPA’s title but across the public sector the campaigning organisation created by Matthew…

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I say all power to the F-TPA and should they cease to do as they are doing, cease to be an utterly frustrating pain in the butt, then they are not fulfilling their prime directive.

This is what democracy is all about, this is why we can still lay claim to being a superior nation and possibly it’s the only reason remaining – we are still allowed to criticize.

So I, for one, am not going to put down the F-TPA in anyway, nor The Freedom Association, nor The Bruges Group nor any of them doing a good job.

Quick bites – better get ready to withdraw

[H/T Rossa’s mother]

The EU, UKIP, the Harrogate Agenda, Autonomous Mind

hd4By Wiggia:

There is something very strange going on, with the three main parties worried that UKIP might at last have enough potential votes to effect their status quo, those who in the past broadly supported the party and Farage are putting the boot in.

The reasons to a degree are valid if the minutiae of things said or printed or indeed not are examined in that way.





But in the case of those involved with the Harrogate Agenda, however laudable their intentions and plans it appears to have got personal, the constant attack from Dr Richard North on his blog and now that of his supporters at what seems every opportunity has gone beyond fair criticism and become a campaign. Continue reading

New Order of the Barbarians [2]

camelotYou might have forgotten this post about the new age we’re now in.


It represented two taped interviews recorded in 1988,the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society. There is then a third tape transcribed.

The meeting was addressed by Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989) who at the time was Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Continue reading

Dave’s Cobra Committee

Tale of another police chief parachutee


Former parachutee Christine Nixon, who reduced the Victorian Police Force to the ineffectual farce that it is now, has shown her own contempt for the rules she applied to others.

As per the usual way.

Former Victorian police chief Christine Nixon caught driving unregistered car

Ms Nixon was heavily criticised in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires for her decision, while police chief, to go out for dinner with friends on the evening of February 7, 2009, when 173 Victorians died.

Having secured her life-time pension and perks, she swans off with more Government sinecures, disregarding the rules that apply to anyone else. And of course, her ex-buddies virtually let her off.

Have you noticed this sameness to the look, the modus operandi and the result with these parachutees? Uncanny, is it not?

Segretti’s legacy lives on

segrettiDoes anyone remember Donald Segretti who uttered this immortal line:

Don’t tell me anything and I won’t know.

He was Nixon’s dirty tricks man for C.R.E.E.P., which sounded like something in a Bond film.

Potted bio:

Segretti’s involvement in the “Canuck letter[2] typifies the tactics Segretti and others working with him used, forging a letter ascribed to Senator Edmund Muskie which maligned the people, language and culture of French Canada and French Canadians, causing the soon to be Democratic presidential candidate Muskie considerable headaches in denying the letter and having to continue dealing with the issue. Continue reading

Snipers take out US grid network – stuff of good fiction?

Just when we thought it was safe to go back into our shells, muttering, “There ain’t no conspiracy, it’s flights of fancy,” comes this:

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, last April, in the middle of the night, snipers opened fire for almost 20 minutes on a substation next to a freeway south of San Jose, California, and knocked out seventeen transformers that direct power around Silicon Valley. They also cut the nearby telephone cables. It took a month to fix all the damage — the attackers are still unknown.

The former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Jon Wellinghoff — who now works for the law firm Stoel Rives — has been trying to bring attention to the incident because he thinks it could have been a dress rehearsal for a larger coordinated attack on the U.S. power grid. Shortly after the event occurred, Wellinghoff — who was still FERC Chairman at the time — took a group from the U.S. Navy’s Dahlgren Surface Warfare Center in Virginia (which trains Navy SEALs) to investigate the scene and they determined it was a professional job.

Wellinghoff thinks that a larger coordinated attack could be so detrimental that it could lead to widespread blackouts across the U.S. Not everyone agrees with him, though, and othersquoted in the Wall Street Journal article think the grid is more resilient.

Perhaps that’s what they were trying to determine in an exercise – whether it was or not, just for information, you understand. I place this alongside that PC over here who smashed that pensioner’s car window to determine whether any wrongdoing had been done.

Understandable behaviour really.

In which insanity is dropping down like faeces from above.

[H/T haiku]

PSN connectivity and Safenet

Anything we need worry about? Over at OoL now.

Yet again – incompetence or deliberate criminal insanity up above?

While the floods and the bloody EPA preoccupy the country, other nasty things charge along regardless too e.g. this from Techdirt:

As governments around the world refuse to act in the wake of revelations about global spying, more and more people are launching legal actions to force them to address the problem. Back in December we wrote about several that had been filed in the UK, and now the well-known Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Germany is launching its own legal challenge, in conjunction with the International League for Human Rights.

And even in the region of the unprovable, Govt does at least reveal that deliberate moves are something in its consciousness: Continue reading