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Hooked on Valentine’s

My tribute to Valentine’s Day, dedicated to Twilight and Rossa, with a certain person in mind:

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Welby is no Christian

If Welby took off his frock and gave up his sin-ecures, left the church and then turned around and said this:

Welby is no Christian

… then he’d be showing some sort of integrity, albeit a twisted one.    But as a defender of the faith, as expressed in the two books of the bible, he is unfit for purpose and is doubly damned.

The concept of venal versus mortal sin is not so difficult.   Let’s step back from the religious and look at it in society in general.    If you do something wrong, e.g. an affair, then that is venal – it is weakness of the flesh, it can be forgiven.

If you try to lead someone else into that, knowing it to be wrong, then that is mortal.   Welby must know his bible and yet he speaks things anathema to that bible.   So he is failing to fulfil that which he was appointed to do.

Which level of Dante’s hell would he find himself at?


Bridges of Madison County


Call me soft and insipid, maybe gaga in my approaching age but I can see both sides in that little contretemps with Twilight and Amfortas over Bridges of Madison County.

I’ve not watched it but have seen stills, so had to go to Wiki, which concludes:

It is about the anticipation and consequences of passion—the slow dance of appraisal, of waiting to make a move that won’t be rejected, of debating what to do when the erotic heat matures into love light. What is the effect of an affair on a woman who has been faithful to her husband, and on a rootless man who only now realizes he needs the one woman he can have but not hold?” Corliss concludes “Madison County is Eastwood’s gift to women: to Francesca, to all the girls he’s loved before …

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Romance in film and music

clara 14 copy

One of my favourite moments from the last seven episodes, Series 7

This headline:

Arwen and Aragorn’s romance nearly didn’t happen

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New Order of the Barbarians [2]

camelotYou might have forgotten this post about the new age we’re now in.


It represented two taped interviews recorded in 1988,the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society. There is then a third tape transcribed.

The meeting was addressed by Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989) who at the time was Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Continue reading

Dave’s Cobra Committee

The sheep are panicking up our way

Cab Q

Was just in town now and did something profligate – took a taxi. Did the doings and laden with bags, went to return by taxi, not bringing the phone with me but chancing the taxi rank.

Trouble with the rank is it’s a fair way off and though downhill in the out direction, to walk back to town is uphill. Should have known when I saw a dozen people waiting down there. We all thought the taxis were parked the other side of the precinct where they’re guaranteed higher fares.

Eventually one came and once inside, I asked him why no taxis for half an hour. There are, he said – you’re in one.

Then he said that everyone was calling for them because Prince Charles had said something or someone else had about 80mph winds up this way around 13:00 today. It’s 12:25 now. Driver said everyone panicked and rushed out to get shopping in – I wondered why the shops were full on a Wednesday, usually a slow day in town.

Now how effing stupid to rush out like that. I mean – people are rightly called sheep.

I checked the Beeb just before going and it said 30mph and rain – not an issue. It was my regular shopping day anyway. So there are all these people in blind panic over not having enough food when their fridges and freezers are crammed.

For the record, I bought some mince and Dover sole, as well as the core items – veg, fruit.

And choc.


OK,  I take it back – there are warnings and it has started out there:

beeb forecastI admit it’s fanciful but doesn’t it seem interesting – south and south-east get it and we escape.   So, someone orders it for up here and contacts the media and then, on cue, it hits the parts of England which missed out on the past few weeks’ mayhem.

Reading the Beeb blurb, seems we could be losing our power – this was the main idea, of course.   There are two more scheduled posts today at NO but if you see no more after 5 p.m. or if I miss a Skype schedule or whatever, you’ll know why – I’ve been killed by a giant branch crashing through the roof and skewering me to the floor.


It will be interesting to see if the North East has its turn in a few weeks.   By the way, it just started raining from the ceiling in this flat.   I’ve put out the bucket and sponges and have the sandbags at the ready.

See you when I do.

The speed at which we do things


galapagos olympics

This might be an oblique reference to the speed at which I am getting the old site back up but knowing the sweetness and light of Chuckles’s nature, this seems a fanciful idea.

The Doc regenerates viewer interest again

doc and clara 2

What a huge difference the actors make.   Bleedin’ obvious you’d probably say, given the onscreen chemistry through cinematic history but seriously … how, when one detests Karen Gillan’s sassiness, can Jenna-Louise Coleman’s be fine? Continue reading

Segretti’s legacy lives on

segrettiDoes anyone remember Donald Segretti who uttered this immortal line:

Don’t tell me anything and I won’t know.

He was Nixon’s dirty tricks man for C.R.E.E.P., which sounded like something in a Bond film.

Potted bio:

Segretti’s involvement in the “Canuck letter[2] typifies the tactics Segretti and others working with him used, forging a letter ascribed to Senator Edmund Muskie which maligned the people, language and culture of French Canada and French Canadians, causing the soon to be Democratic presidential candidate Muskie considerable headaches in denying the letter and having to continue dealing with the issue. Continue reading

The incompetent and ambitious employ and promote the incompetent and ambitious

chris smithThe Somerset levels debacle, the EPA, has greatly angered much of this country, it would be fair to say.

But it’s by no means a unique debacle. Do you remember one which was covered at OoL about the flooding of the Missouri basin. Naturally you’re not interested in that at this time but it does give a perspective on the current troubles.

Jodi Farhat is exactly what Lord Smith is – a bumbling fool but accompanied by certain traits which are the last thing one needs in the head of an agency or company: Continue reading


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Save us please from this type, Ed West

Demotix 9th July 2011Child journo Laurie Penny

It was either going to be the right unable to stop Clinton and why or else it was going to be Ed West on feminism.

Might as well do what I know better: Continue reading

The ebbing of women in cabinet

How to analyze the reduction in women in Cameron’s cabinet in the party and in parliament in general?

For a start, the bar is low at Westminster, the EU rubber stamp house.   The circus called parliament is now just a show for the tourists, except on important things such as the sanctity of the family, where Cameron has shown he can come in and destroy just as well as anyone at the EU.

Women in parliament can point to misogyny if they like and personally, I think they have a point – the old boys club.   On the other hand, they make it easy for Cameron et al to cut them out because the ambitious but talentless crop in parliament are crying out to be left out of things.   Whining, carping, inefficient, incapable.   Men acting like that would have been quietly dropped from cabinet. Continue reading

Nencini’s naivity

article-2550544-1B17594B00000578-18_634x581There is a naivety involved in this business in Italy of the judge who sentenced the Kercher pair to long stretches, Allessandro Nencini and I’d really like to be able to learn Italian overnight, fly over and have a word with him – how’s that for ego?

Because I want to tell him he simply can’t do as he did and hope people understand. People are simply not going to understand – they are going to try to take him down.

There are similarities between political blogging and bringing down 53.5 years of jail time on two people, however much it is or isn’t deserved. No doubt you’re already seeing how this post is shaping up and yes, it brings up a point about blogging – does one just re-report facts which anyone can get from the MSM or does one put some personal angle on it, writing about how it affects him personally.

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