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The EU, UKIP, the Harrogate Agenda, Autonomous Mind

hd4By Wiggia:

There is something very strange going on, with the three main parties worried that UKIP might at last have enough potential votes to effect their status quo, those who in the past broadly supported the party and Farage are putting the boot in.

The reasons to a degree are valid if the minutiae of things said or printed or indeed not are examined in that way.





But in the case of those involved with the Harrogate Agenda, however laudable their intentions and plans it appears to have got personal, the constant attack from Dr Richard North on his blog and now that of his supporters at what seems every opportunity has gone beyond fair criticism and become a campaign. Continue reading


Wooden boats

There’s a beauty to wood which can’t be matched by other materials. Wiggia sends these pics from Pinterest:

e3c92590745464c0c6d4af902272d08f Continue reading

The incompetent and ambitious employ and promote the incompetent and ambitious

chris smithThe Somerset levels debacle, the EPA, has greatly angered much of this country, it would be fair to say.

But it’s by no means a unique debacle. Do you remember one which was covered at OoL about the flooding of the Missouri basin. Naturally you’re not interested in that at this time but it does give a perspective on the current troubles.

Jodi Farhat is exactly what Lord Smith is – a bumbling fool but accompanied by certain traits which are the last thing one needs in the head of an agency or company: Continue reading

Lord Smith and the Environmental Agency

River Stour at the bottom of my water meadow Long Melford

The Environment Agency has been getting a lot of stick recently, especially over the flooding in the Somerset Levels.

Now nobody can stand in the way of nature when conditions are way above anything that can be anticipated and nobody ever will, but this authority has undoubtedly failed in its duty of maintenance time and again regards rivers and watercourses.

A little bit of history spells out that not all is right with the Agency in more than one area. Continue reading

Ballingdon Hall, Sudbury

ballingdon hall, sudbury 1

In 1993 we moved to Long Melford in Suffolk, just north of Sudbury on the Suffolk Essex borders.

I used to pass this property halfway up a long hill down into Sudbury and across the River Stour on a daily basis and it was only a chance conversation that informed me this was the same house I had seen moved on television in 1972.

ballingdon hall, sudbury

The Hall was originally at the bottom of the hill overlooking the river but the threat of a further estate being built meant the owners view would be ruined so they had the whole building moved up the hill about 250yds, the hill is quite steep so this was quite an engineering feat, especially for an historic 1560s building like this.

When the day came for the move 10,000 people turned up to watch, blocking the surrounding town and roads and they were charged 10p each for the privilege all of which went to the local church funds.

ballingdon hall, sudbury 2

Although moving whole buildings isn’t unique, and many have been moved over long distances, moving one uphill over fields is still something one would not normally contemplate.

Short hair on wimmin

The world of some ladies is highly entertaining. Your humble correspondent, having had the fascinating experience of wading into an issue between ladies and getting condemned from all sides, retiring with tail between legs, now sees this via Wiggia:

Laurie Penny actually makes a living by being paid to write this crap. Having read it, the only reason for it’s existence that I can see is the fact that Laurie Penny has short hair and believes men – God forbid – don’t, in her pretend world, like short hair.”

Actually, I adore short hair on women and my main characters in the books often have bobbed hair – pics below of the sort of thing. By the way, because of the heavy wimmin focus on this blog, I learned this morning that I am meant to be a closet homosexual. Love the logic. Where would we be without these ladies? Continue reading