Just what is the last resort?

This is part two of two.

First, our terms used, because what about pre-Marx?  The issues were similar in the French Revolution, not at the official level but because of what was really going on as a result of Voltaire, of the assault on Notre Dame and so on.

Recenty, I saw a talk by Adam Piggott in Oz, William Briggs strikes me as a similar chappy, I’ve also wondered what makes South Africans so hard inside and not just the men – I met a South African lady once who was as hard as nails but there’s also today foolhardiness in staying on farms to be slaughtered, therefore gung-ho manliness, while certainly the only way forward according to Briggsy, also needs to be tempered by thought, education and codes of honour.

In the manner of Renaissance Man I suppose, where a man would ride, shoot and read the classics, but should also read his Bible because the world’s history is in there and lessons for the future are drawn from the follies therein of humankind.

What we really don’t want, except in a Leg-Iron post, is the notion of battle helmets and drinking the blood of our enemies from skulls …

… of feathered priests cutting the beating hearts out of prisoners, we’ll have blue-haired Karen priestesses doing front-alley post-birth abortions. The sacrifices in both cases are to the same Enemy …

It’s not just knowledge of the Bible which has gone by the wayside, it’s knowledge of anything at all where these toerags are actively replacing books, tearing down statues and never once stopping to think of the barbarians they themselves have become – supposedly educated people.

They think they’re the new summum bonum in white robes, serene and civilised but in reality, they’re just manipulated savages, the new Morlocks.

And of course, all we ourselves do on our side is talk.

Perhaps at my age, I can be cut the slack I’d not have expected at 50, still in full flow but something in the Briggs’ post and comments resonated – would you kill if necessary? And I mean even at an advanced age?

The Enemy’s plan of raising up barbarians inside the gate, instead of rousing foreign invaders, was brilliant. It’s not that the alarm against destroyers in our midst wasn’t raised, often and loudly, but that because the barbarians were, we thought, our own people, we believed they would come to see their sins and repent.

Short answer in my case is that of course, at my age, I’d leave it to the younger brigade but what if they were now entirely without oomph, with no grunt whatever? Well, I’d have to do it and especially if under fire in my own home. Were there a family to defend, then there’d be zero question of doing whatever it took.

I’m also speaking of perimeter defences in the first place, making preparations.

A bit of sense says avoid the nutters and overwhelming force on their ground and take them on one’s own terms. For example, far too often it’s two, three, maybe five, up against a mob and militarily, that is plain stoopidity.

However, this also is true:

We now pay the price of our failure to heed the warnings, itself the result of our love of comfort, fear of open conflict, and, it must be admitted, our own lapses into barbarism.

Heeding warnings requires education and a knowledge of the lessons of the unexpurgated histories.

Lapses into barbarism?  A godless man of no code of chivalry and deference to his Maker is not far away from the barbarians he seeks to civilise or quell.  Not much use if he’s out completely for himself, the code of Me Me Me.

The days of comfort and ease are over. We have to figure a way to both draw back and remain in the degrading culture simultaneously. We can’t all flee. We have to fight, but fight wisely since our enemies are much stronger.

The best way to rebel, says Landry, is to restore the tradition of manliness, cast off all vestiges of equality between the sexes, and rediscover the true understanding of the essence of men.

To a point.  Too much hup hup hup gung ho and keyboard bravado there without the accompanying education and knowledge of how things are.  Start with the core of the human, not just the man and for sure recognise the two sexes and the differences between them but also the powerful bonds if the thing is done right.

Quite agree that women should not be on the front line, that’s man’s work but women can also be in uniform as in the French Resistance, as in the Land Girls, as in Bletchley, as in Soviet sniper girls – there are just so many roles for the gals.

Shut off the noise. Eschew your thinking suppression device when going for a walk.

Amen.  Think, think, think whilst one hand is on the weapon and I do not refer to the pork sword here in front of internet porn.

The biggest problem for most of us is food. Stop eating crap. Eat meat.

Yep – a man needs meat.

Get in shape. “The human body is not meant to be overinflated skin filled with fat.

I’d add there that a man needs a project he can see through.  The seeing through part is the tricky part for me just now.

Pause and think of the relative hardness of three groups – firstly, the real barbarians pouring in and why Plod run away en masse when confronted by savages, Plod and the snowflake Antifa hard men who do not stand a chance in open battle with the first lot, then us – what we were, what we’ve softened up and become.

I was most certainly not soft in 2007, coming back from that stint in Russia, but twelve years back in flabland here with all the bitching and wimpy politics and a man loses his edge.

No one is coming to save you. You can assume the mantle of authority in your life.

Yes and no.  By comparison with the woe-is-me-edness of today, for sure.  But if the inner spirit is godless and not at one with one’s whole heritage and culture – then no amount of fitness will carry the day.  Macbeth was always going to fold against Macduff because Macduff had not sold his soul.

A lady called Sheri asked:

When someone, especially female, asked about a concealed carry class or buying a gun, the first question I ask is “Are you willing to kill another human being?” If the answer is “No” or there’s hestitation, I tell them NOT to get or carry a gun.

Absolutely – there is a thing called training too you know.  I see gung-ho girls on Twitter touting guns and would not want to be within range of them for any money.  Proper training.

The lady was castigated by a doctor about not knowing what she’d do when actually faced with it and she replied:

… it’s a psychological fact that rehearsing your reaction increases the probability of making the correct decision.

Training.  Let me say it again – training!  Yes, and then you act on instinct.  Sadly, I have to unlearn my gut instinct which has got me into trouble more than once – to insta-counter-attack.  Wiser is to assess, then fight or flight.  And do not discount flight if it is to regroup.

Trouble with that is that Plod did not do the assess part first.  Why not?  Therein lies the huge danger we’re in – none of the brainwashed realises that these savages are superior in force and strength.

The person who is committed, especially ideologically, becomes a fanatic.  I’ve quoted many times the turn of the century writer J.A. Fisher who noted that moderation in war is imbecility.  Man for man, he has the strength of three or four.  The fanatics, combined, will always win.

No code holds us together on the thinking centre-right – there is such a thing, as I was told during the blog troubles, as overthinking.

Finally, the Yes Prime Minister episode where Hacker was confronted with reality:

See Jim Hacker in the sidebar.

Why are the left so certain?

This, via Chuckles, really needs discussing:


Thing is – they say we’re fanatically certain too and I certainly am.  I believe the things spoken in the Sermon on the Mount are the only way society can function properly, that a disconnection with our Maker and roots, our history, our heritage, is a one way trip to oblivion, that chivalry en masse can produce ladies, that allowing alien species into our land who have zero intention of assimilating but maximum intention of causing destruction and taking over – that is no different to any SF film or novel or Doctor Who early episode.

So the issue then becomes – who’s right?  The person saying what I just did or the person suffused in Narrative who says it all must come down, total destruction, and then comes Utopia, Nirvana.

Which still does not answer the question – why are they so certain?

They have a certain intellect, a dangerous thing in small quantities, and whatever the global socialist horror is that is being imposed – be it unitoilets, trannyism, whatever – it’s ALWAYS presented in terms of goodness and tolerance and thus highly appeals to the young female SJW who asks us the question – don’t we care about their lives?

Within their borders – yes, I’d like to see them live well but charity begins at home and we have enough on our plate right now.  For example, get the returned service personnel off the streets first, take care of the Rotherham girls – we have enough to be going on with here before looking at what’s happening in their countries.

And as for inviting in their problems, psychotic behaviour and diseases – why on earth would we wish to do that?

However, W.M. Briggs has a different take, the consequences of the conclusions in this post.

Vale Charlie Daniels

83 years young

Daniels’ signature songs also include “The South’s Gonna Do It,” “Uneasy Rider,” “Still in Saigon,” “The Legend of Wooley Swamp” and “Long Haired Country Boy.” He was a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Musicians Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry.

Daniels had a long history of performing in Alabama with his band, drawing enthusiastic crowds in cities such as Birmingham, Mobile, Talladega and Huntsville.

South’s gonna do it again

Simple Man

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Ghislaine Maxwell has stated that she will never ‘sell out’ Prince Andrew. Apologies, that should be Dame Ghislaine Maxwell.

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There is never a middle way for ideologues. You either conform or you are not counted as qualified to enter their Utopia. You are an excrescence. Democracy is the only system that accommodates disagreement, nuance, shade, compromise and cooperation. These are authoritarians.

3. Hope they either wake up or collapse

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Channel Cod, the UK share of that quota is nine percent. The French is 84 percent. Celtic Sea haddock where the UK share is 10 percent and the French share is 66 percent.

Why?  Who signed it away in the first place?

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To all readers of nourishing obscurity

This has to be one of lowest key launches ever.  There’s been a lot of work put into the old and new site from some key people and there are sensitivities, but we had to do something.

N.O. now blogs from :


As the blurb says over there, it’s the shell of the old – now with ‘added vitriol, calumny and vituperation, more laurels to rest on, and 17% more thoroughly tilted windmills’ – who writes this stuff?  Thanks to the Cambridge division of N.O. inc. for nouk.

Game plan is OoL will have a review with staff and readers to see how it can best operate, nouk [the new site] is N.O. inc’s main engine, nowp [this site] drops back to being a feeder, and ONO [blogspot] is the archive.

If you’re so inclined, do pootle on over and have a look around.  Now I’m going to come clean here – I  promised Toodles first comment status at nouk, as FoS was last at the old site and DR was the last at nouk [unbeknowns to him], so all that will sort itself out.

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