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nourobscurIn 2006, I’d been arguing the toss at Stephen Pollard’s blog, he’d been quite reasonable about it all but I felt it was time to start my own site.

The main beef was about this hidden global force in politics, “Them” but soon the blog became a sort of magazine because there were just too many other interesting things to write about as well in many fields, from technology to cuisine.

The name

It  came from an article on China, written in 2006, which refers to Deng Ziaoping:

According to Deng Xiaoping, in order to eventually overcome, China should adopt the ancient maxim of “hiding brightness and nourishing obscurity,” and Beijing adds: “to bide our time and build up our capabilities” and again: “to yield on small issues with the long term in mind.”

The idea of obscurity sounded good – to reveal a lot about who I was but at the same time reveal little seemed the way to go.

In greater detail.