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Article run across all current versions of N.O. and relating to the UK only. Sadly, WordPress has lost the plot and made it impossible to format posts any more with its abomination called Block Editing – how to drive people away from your platform. Still, here it is as best we can:

This begins on the assumption that you’re vaguely Deplorable, populist, for the rule of law, sound economics, all those sorts of things which find you essentially a dissident from established parties of the moment, none of whom are pursuing anything but psycho policies at this time.

You’d also believe, for this post to be relevant, that not voting is a waste of a chance to protest, even on the ballot form – nothing you say or do is therefore counted in any official way unless you get out and vote or write a message on that ballot paper.

On that basis, the only two parties as of this moment are Reform and UKIP … Reform, though in its early days, seems primarily concerned with reforming the economy:

The premise is simple: Lower taxes, simpler taxes will create faster growth. That will mean higher wage growth and more tax revenues over time to invest in healthcare and other public services. International examples like Australia, Singapore and the US provide the evidence.

Everyone wins with faster growth. A particular focus is on the lowest paid, the self employed, SMEs and entrepreneurs. These are the bedrock of our economy, who will determine its future success.

… but also has a section concerning morality:


… most interesting … as well as thoughts [their sidebar] on other policies.

UKIP set out their broad range here:

On the economy:

UKIP believes in a low tax, free-market economy. It is not the preserve of government to give special favour to particular businesses or individuals due their wealth, status or ideology.

Lowering income tax, corporation tax and payroll taxes where feasible.

Reducing the budget deficit to zero, thereafter paying off our national debt.

Opposes price capping and price controls.

On leaving the EU, maintain payments administered by the EU to UK businesses, farms, universities, and research organisations. This is our money anyway, which is paid to Brussels and then given back.

Free Ports north of England. There are a number of sites: Immingham and Grimsby, Hull Port, the Hull and Humber rivers, Tees and Hartlepool, Liverpool, the Tyne, and Manchester airport, which have pre-existing infrastructure, spare freight capacity, superb geographical proximity to foreign markets, and the drive to grow to their full potential. Combining those ports with enterprise zones would allow businesses to import, process and export goods within them, without facing tariffs and customs difficulties.

Defund “third sector”,  thousands of NGOs and QUANGOs – many of which are openly political in nature. A great number of these organisations should be subject to free-market principles: if they cannot raise money in the private sector for their activities, they should not be kept afloat by government subsidies.

The strength of the Reform Party is that they’re people within the M25 who do know about the economy and stimulus but they are fighting the BofE and the globalists.  UKIP seem to me, on the economy, to be in the wishful thinking category – how are they going to achieve that?

On the other hand, they’re far more ‘people’ centric up and down the country, not just within the southern region.  The obvious best solution is for them to combine and for a leader who is not M25 bubble to lead.

We don’t know to whom they’re in thrall either, e.g. Richard Tice.  As for the UKIP leadership, go straight to its enemies:



Dearth of leadership in both is the blight of Britain, and as I wrote in the last post on the topic – there’s no one right now whom one could vote for.  Yet the policies are pretty good.

The elephants in the room

These simply will not go away and include:

1.  The psycho lockdown and vaxx policies, resulting in the breakdown of small business and self-employed, the middle class and any region outside the southern bubble;

2.  Immigration, inc. London.

Both very much relate to Reform’s main plank of reforming the economy and if they can’t see that, then are they in fact fit to lead the nation on Economy?  Whoever is voted for MUST address these two points as high priorities along with the Economy and Morality.

If you read the section on Morality, you’ll note it means ethical dealings, integrity, honouring of commitments.  There’s much to like in both parties’ policies.

Genesis of the daleks

This is neither proclaimed nor disclaimed. It’s just here. Voila:–/content/articlelanding/2015/ra/c5ra01508a#!divAbstract

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Sackers and I have been discussing how best to commemorate the passing of Radders. Not just because he’s a Scriblerus [still is] but because many people looked in on him each day and well … it just doesn’t seem right that he’s not blogging any more.

Now, Sackers’s idea was good:

I’m floating an idea about celebrating Raedwald’s work with a drink and talk at the Westminster Arms which will be reopening 15th September. This would be a chance to meet and convey our sympathies to his brother but also maybe a chance to review the progress of the Withdrawal Agreement (or not) and our future post-Brexit – perhaps that MP who wanted contact details could come along? Maybe other Westminster contacts?

Possibly now tricky for the 15th and I wasn’t much use to the cause because for reasons I really can’t divulge on the blog, I can’t travel and need to keep the head down – part of that is health which is slightly worse than I’ve been saying.

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Real versus hybrid seeds

A short section was posted in another post on Saturday about ‘real’ seeds and for the uninitiated, they might just think it was about planting a crop such as squash in good time. It took Andy and Chuckles to point out that the operative word here was ‘real’.

This was a huge issue some years back, as mentioned in this post:

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that the guidelines are “to stop consumers overdosing on vitamin and mineral food supplements.”

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